60 years of unbroken peacekeeping service with the UN

To make a difference to people less fortunate than us
And to get paid for it from the UN.

It’s a good little money earner for the troops and the Governements providing the troops.

Have the Irish Army actually achieved anything in those peace keeping missions? I’m not having a dig at the Irish, just that IMO they’re a waste of time. I can only think of two times when military operations based on humanitarian reasons have been successful. Kosovo and Sierra Leone. Both times, the UN wasn’t in the driving seat.
Seemingly irlsgt thinks having TIC and taking casualties would be preferable.

Bravo you.
What’s that suppose to mean?
Giving that a UN force is there with the consent of the parties to the conflict there shouldn’t be any TIC or UN casualties. Unfortunately the reality is different.


My point.... assists in providing a mandate (which feeds the RoE), funds it but doesn’t provide troops
Plenty of UK troops on un duties.
'Twas ever thus-the daily UN messing rate in Bosnia in 1995 was DM1.25 for Brits. The rate varied nationally, dependent on individual pay and messing rates. The Pakistani contingent had to be dragged kicking and screaming out of theatre as they'd never been so well fed: some of them had refused to rotate out/take R and R as this would have been tantamount to a wage cut. One senior sergeant I chatted to had been there, on and off, for over a year. Fat as a bacon pig, he was.

Plus they had been flogging weapons to the Bosniacs.

Ah but the Bangladeshis had to wait til sun down in Ramadan while we did our best to eat everything. The French were cooking; it must have been torture for the poor bastards.


About 600 or so out of a military of ??????
Not just Cyprus, but we have been to as many shit holes as you have since 1945.
Have the Irish Army actually achieved anything in those peace keeping missions?
Yes. They’ve accumulated so much experience & expertise that even one of their reservists - with no operational experience and twenty days a year in uniform - feels qualified to spend a decade on ARRSE criticising British UN operations in Bosnia and Kosovo. Oh and it’s strategy & tactics in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Not bad for a tiny, poorly equipped army deployed to make up the numbers and add a flag to UN press releases.

To be fair, at least the IDF are better than yet another battalion from a corrupt foreign military that might otherwise take their place. But it’s a low bar to clear, no?
Actually I’m fairness, the approx 600 doesn’t include non-blue hatted UN authorised missions.

Not just Cyprus, but we have been to as many shit holes as you have since 1945.
With blue berets?

As at 31 May 18, UK contribution to blue hatted ops (military of >100,000 isn’t it?):

Ireland (military <10,000):
God alone knows why you want the expense of even playing worlds least effective policeman unless of course those Irish regiments miss the days of empire and trooping. However cheap flights to spain would surely sort all of that out?
Don't knock it.

Given that St Patrick The Snakedriver has the privilege of sharing his Saint's Day with the anniversary of my birth, I remain deeply grateful to the sole Irish officer in UNFICYP (1986) for throwing me the most extravagant 31st birthday party imaginable. :)

EDIT: I forgot to thank the taxpayers of the Emerald Isle (which to this day does not include those pretentious tw@ts Bonio and The Itch) for funding 100% of it :thumright:
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