60 Years ago today

In order to establish a foot hold on the European content and allow time for a drive inland before winter set in, the invasion would have to take place in June. The German defenders had placed beach obstacles to prevent landing craft from going ashore at normal tide. This left two possible dates to be considered. The weather had turned stormy. Some of the weather men called for continued bad weather, others thought there might be a one or two day break--just enough time for the operation--on June 5. After consulting the various heads of staff at the table, Eisenhower, with the weight of the whole world on his shoulders, made his decision. His orders, "Okay...let's go!"
British and American Airborne Forces embark for their objectives, including the Bridges over the Orne River, Merville Battery and St. Mere Eglise.

Brave men one and all, but notice in the picture of the US Paratroops boarding the aircraft. All wearing front mounted reserve parachutes. Something the British didn't get until the 1950s. Jumping without a reserve? Now they were brave.

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