Discussion in 'RLC' started by shaggy, Mar 16, 2007.

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  1. Whilst cutting out mushrooms for my tour of "the stan" i got thinking where have you spotted the dayglo mushrooms,
    i was in new york in january and saw one up the empire state building they get everywhere!!!

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  2. I used to be in 15 Sqn when 60 and 15 where part of 2 Inf Div RCT. We must of used the Divisions worth of day glow during the Owl v Mushroom sticker war!
    We once put a 3 ft Owl on the overhead motorway sign on J23 of the M1, it was still there last time I was on leave.
    Now 15 are part of 13AA they have lost the sticker war, the mushroom has well taken over.
    I once seen one on the bottom corner of a stone at stone henge! but I don't think it lasted long.
  3. General Melchett

    General Melchett LE Moderator


    I used to see those mushrooms bloomin everywhere and wondered what they were.

    Then I found out.

    Good effort keep it up and keep your head down.
  4. 1 appeared on the new sign outside Duke of Gloucester Bks last year, didnt last very long as RSM wasn't impressed. rumour has it that it was a certain ex corps RSM?
  5. ah yes i know that ex corps rsm he was my ssm in 60 a few yrs back ,a good bloke but not to be f**ked with because he was nails lol
  6. imagine our surprise when he arrived as admin offr/welfare offr at our Sqn. All of a sudden the kids admin got sorted out by themselves!! top bloke.
  7. I’ve obviously seen the mushroom everywhere and whilst it’s origins and prolific nature make for an entertaining tale it is something that needs to be explained; not the most recognisable of shapes when cut out of day-glo sticky back paper is it? Particularly when driving at 70 m.p.h. plus…………70 m.p.h tops!
  8. The New York one got put up around the mid to late 90's when a bunch of 60 went to do the marathon there. That was when the hayday for the mushrooms was, every road sign in the UK and anything else with a flat surface.
    I was in 75 sqn but being rad tp I had the joy of being OC 60's driver for a time.
    It all came to a head when the COs rover got mushroomed while the press and TV were there in Bosnia. He was not impressed.
  9. The real reason why there are so many Mushrooms stuck all around the place is that 60 Sqn were the only boys to comply with Dvrs hours and get out of the cab of the Tennies. The posting of Mushrooms gave them something to do. Mind you who wanted to rush back to Colburn Lines? But when they demolished The Walkerville there were quite a few 'Mushrooms' floating in the wind. Another good reason for RCT Sqn symbols on windscreens was that you knew which truck was worth robbing. That was why the CES store at Catterick was always A1.
  10. Shaggy,

    i have just gone on this computer after you in the communal computer suite in Camp BASTION. you left yourself logged on you muppet - I could post anything!! However - I am a kind hearted soul (and in your unit I think - bit senior to you I would imagine) and so I am going to log you out - after I have told every one about my favourite mushrooms - The first of which is slap in the middle of the "O" on the sign which says "Abingdon Police Station" and the second of which now graces Cpl S's bedspace in RCDM Sellyoak (get well soon young man!!). Cheers - logging out....
  11. dam im always doing that !! yes for those who are interested my waggon got ied last week ,luckily myself and my mate only suffered busted leg n foot ,give me a few weeks i'll be dancing in stickies lol
  12. General Melchett

    General Melchett LE Moderator

    Bit of a frigging understatement you old git.

    For those who didn't know, Shaggy was blown up good and proper and now resides in Selly Oak being abusive to nurses and pi ssing into cardboard bottles.

    Any donations of over 50's porn, chat magazine, lucozade (they don't wrap it in yellow cellophane anymore), grapes and guinness should be sent to him there.

    Get well soon.
  13. If it's the same Shaggy we know and love down in zummerset the locals want to know how to send pressies and call girls?
  14. General Melchett

    General Melchett LE Moderator

    May I suggest you PM him direct to ask.
  15. FJb


    I Remember cuting out hundreds of mushrooms in 1979 to 1984 they marked the route from catterick to Salisbury with them al over Watford gap lol