60 Signal Squadron (V)

Do 60 Signal Squadron still have an active troop in Aylesbury? Or is the TAC now just occupied by 7 RIFLES?
A bit radical I know, but you could always give them a ring:
The Territorial Army Near You - Unit Details (Aylesbury TA Centre)
01296 744541

You could even go on the Army website here:
36 Signal Regiment - British Army Website
1 of the Squadrons under the command of 36 Signal Regiment now comes under the command of 39 Signal Regiment. They are:
60 Signal Squadron remains in Aylesbury and becomes 94 Signal Squadron Troop
Or as 39 Sigs:
[ARCHIVED CONTENT] 39 Sig Regt (V) - British Army Website
I did look at both the army and wiki pages however in passing I have not seen any signals at the TA centre, and some information in inaccurate. It says our band is still at the barracks they moved from in 2009!
Active is probably not the right word, one young officer, one CPL (Martin, good guy, and good barman) and 4 siggys, at the last count.


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Top Man, have they got any attached REME personell based there or are they based in Windsor?
Be a bit of a waste if they don't as when the new TAC was constructed, they incorporated a purpose built workshop, offices and garage combo specifically with a REME LAD in mind.
When I was a cadet there ages ago they used to have bedfords, ffr landrovers and even a few trailored generators. I was just wondering if they and their support elements got moved when they were reduced down to a troop.

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