60-foot penis painted on roof

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by JoeCivvie, Dec 9, 2009.

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  1. http://news.bbc.co.uk/newsbeat/hi/newsbeat/newsid_7961000/7961224.stm

    Fecking priceless!
  2. It is funny, but I think it's been done in here before mate (the link, not the sixty foot long penis) :)

    Good link though!
  3. Nice one :roll: ,did his girlfriend come with him to do it :lol:

    24th March :roll:
  4. oh facks sake what have i started
  5. Is that 60ft erect? pfhhh!
  6. I assumed it would have been but a quick Arrse search for 'penis' (there has to be a better way of saying that) turned into a long search and there wasn't anything under 'phallus' (except a pair of hairy balls, obviously)..
  7. this is old news as well its pop up 3 times this year already, bbc must be struggerling to fill its news pages up
  8. Perhaps they are shoving Viagra up the chimney?
  9. I think it's gone now. Painted over or scrubbed off. Still tagged as "Penis House" in Google I believe.

    If that's 60ft mine's 9 inches...
  10. To be fair, this story is on BBC's most viewed on the front page.
  11. Meandering - in the world of phallus measurement are there any weights and measures? Are we talking outside curve from the top of the nutsack, inside shortest distance, or inside follow the curve?

    These questions demand answers.

    [Okay, some weird websites demand answers].
  12. fukin big :wink: how's that 8)
  13. Well mines only 4 inches! Mind you.... some women don't like it that thick do they?

    I know, i know.... TAXI! :bounce:
  14. Well it,s in a good place on the roof, just above the Cockloft, Dooohhh!! :roll:
  15. Oh, is it '60ft cock on a roof' time again, already?

    I must look up that nice poem about a soldier at Christmas that someone Emailed me.