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60 and 100 rd Mags for 5.56mm wpns...verdict?

Think they are mostly fun for civvys on ranges and in computer games.
military use akward heavy plus trying to use a Rifle like a LMG is going to end in problems.
Concur with all of the above, hence the reason why 30 rd mags are not the definative in mag designs, but, in our trade about the most effective you'll get.


Book Reviewer
I used to use a 50 rnd mag as standard (one issued) in the R4/Galil - never had a problem - here is some Youtube of a very strange septic using one.

Old hat; John Wayne had one for his 'six' shooter.

Counting rounds must be a bit of a nightmare, plus nobody seems to have done a whole mag a la Rambo, showing my ignorance, wouldn't overheating come into play?
Doesnt the FN P90 have a 50 round magazine as standard? Wouldnt be an issue firing prone either with its horizontal magazine feed.
Yonks ago I bought two 40 rd mags. They weren't much bigger than the 30 rd ones and still fitted in my webbing nicely. However, the monkey's confiscated them on my way back from Kosovo, thinking they were AK mags. *****.
Anyone used 'em?


They work very well, like everything Surefire produces they are well engineered.

However, unless you are pretending to be an LMG the 100 is overkill unless it is carried in a vehicle as a 'just in case' magazine. The 60 you can get away with on foot just about ............ admitedly it was a demo session but I got bored firing 60 rounds out of an M4, it was getting to the stage of, "will this thing never empty".

Before anyone gets all excited, no its not me its one of the Surefire reps.
They tried a LMG-version of the G-36 here, didn't work well. Too hot too quick
g36 - YouTube

With the length of those mags, I think the weapon might get a little unhandy. Great fo ranges but I don't think pratical for "the field".

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