6 year old septic boy trapped in experimental balloon

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by xena.the.canuck, Oct 15, 2009.

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  1. news article

    Okay, the boy's trapped in a balloon floating around 7,500 to 8,500 feet. Assuming he's not wearing survival gear, (which I'd say would be a safe bet) I'm not sure he's got long. Any experts want to chime in?

    I know there are SAR Tech types who would be more than willing to try to try any number of stunts to get him...

    I hope he comes out okay.
  2. No one inside when it touched down. So between liftoff and when the first chopper caught up with it...

    I don't want to think about it. :(

    It's getting dusty in here.
  3. Thank the Lord for this chap;

  4. hahaha lord flashheart natural selection is my standard issued answer for things matters such as this.
  5. Darwin may be the answer for the parents.

    But for the six year old? It's not like it's his fault his dad was a twat.
  6. Fair point...put big shiny balolon in garden with wooden box attached and I defy ANY 6 year old boy to climb in!!
  7. Genes get passed on so at least its saved the 6 year old breeding fuckwits.
  8. Well, it landed in a furrowed field and he was nowhere to be found. Either he was never on board in the first place or he's a crimson stain on the floor somewhere.
  9. A weather balloon ?

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  10. "7News confirmed the boy is the son of Richard and Mayumi Heene, who appeared on an episode of ABC's "Wife Swap."

    So in other words, they have run out of TV money, and thought, I know, lets get some media attention???

    Hmmmm, gut instinct tells me the lad will turn up safe and well after being found at a friends house.

    If not, then it is only a yank.
  11. Ahh, yes. The scientific genetic intelligence theory. If your parents were intelligent, therefore you must be intelligent, and conversely, if your parents were mongs, therefore you must be a mong.

    Well, I see that this settles everything.

    By the way, how's all that working out for the Royal Family?

    FFS, I posted this in "The Serious Bit" for a fcuking reason...
  12. You posted this in the serious bit? And please tell me what relevance this snippet of news has to do with the British Army, UK or normal human beings?

    I didn't realise Arrse had become a news feed for colonial morons.
  13. From what I see in the media the father of the boy is barking mad, believes there is there is life on Mars and it is being covered upby the European Space Agency.
    Heene linky

    He may need to increase the tinfoil on his hat.
  14. That's lovely; I hope that there is footage right now wheeling it's way to my inbox, containing a falling screaming american boy smashing his face on his father's porch.
  15. I think he had a BMW not a Porch.