6 Year Old Girl Drowns in Canal

OK so it was dusk, not night, still wonder what 6 year olds were doing out on their own though...
Given that the story indicates that the girl fell in the canal, then her playmates tried to rescue her, the her brother ran home and someone called 999, then police responded, then police put on wetssuits and entered the canal and then they finally pulled her out at 6:20 it would appear that the poor thing fell in well before sunset.

A horrible thing for all her family and friends
UK Official lighting up time was 18:34, thats half an hour after sunset, it was at least pretty gloomy.
Are you thick?

The sun sets at different times across the country, depending on where you are. They were in Kidderminster, where sunset that day was at 1821. So at 1820, it was daylight.

Oh, and your idea of when you should switch your lights on is flawed.

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