6 year drug study by experts completetly ignored

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by brighton hippy, Oct 16, 2012.

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  1. Decriminalise drug use, say experts after six-year study | Politics | The Guardian

    Tbf I dont blame this goverment labour in power would have been equally retarded.
    Its just the WAD is about as effective as TWAT even in thailand where they kill smugglers it has zero effect.
    So change tact after coppers and scientists etc study it for 6 years and go its not working its never going to work.

    Er no lets build more prisions instead.
    **** me even the army eventually figured out the LSW was a stupid concept and its not really big about people thinking about stuff.
  2. Couple of points;

    Does that mean we should decriminalise smoking in public places?

    Didn't the Dutch tighten up their fairly liberal drug laws a few years back as it was getting out of control?
  3. Legalise all drugs, make them safe for the consumer and tax the **** out of them. Pay for the NHS overnight and take all the money away from the criminals.

    Prohibition doesnt work, just ask the old guy in my avatar who went on to build a billion dollar empire off the back of it! If the public want drugs and it seems they most certainly do, then people will always make money from selling it. Simple supply and demand.
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  4. Well of course it was ignored.

    They were all off their tits when they wrote/read it.
  5. No government in their right mind would go so far against the general public opinion and decriminalise drugs. As for building more prisons, if you have greater numbers breaking the Law to such an extent they attract custodial sentences, what do you suggest, tagging them?
  6. Taxing the stuff at a high rate won't work either. Since the price of fags went through the roof smuggling them became big business. Gawd knows whats in the stuff coming in from china.
    Gets to something when drug dealers are selling fags as well.
  7. The mark up on an ISO container of fags is phenomenal, plus the legal penalties are less onerous. Fag smuggling was rife in Italy in the 40s and 50s, hence all the super fast cigarette running speed boats.
  8. criminal used to do armed robberies, whne that got too tricky they moved into drugs, if you **** the drugs off their menu by legalising them they'll find smething else.

    The chaos and price a society pays is caused, unfortunately by the end user, who like it or not, has what is now described in medicine and society as an illness

    Whats the answer.......**** knows, but cheap/free drugs might keep the great ******* unwashed off the streets and not thieving, burglarising and mugging the dailymail readers of the suburbs

    let the criminals bump their revenue up with something that doesn't directly drain police/NHS/Social/educational resources of this once fine country


    What about decriminalising drugs in Scotland...then all our smack heads may migrate
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  9. The only cure for smackheads and crack rats is a prescription for 9mm of Plumbum to be administered into the medula oblongata.

    That'll learn 'em!
  10. Mixed feelings on this but I no longer feel any sympathy. I don't know whether to let drugs users kill themselves if they want to, it's their choice and resources can be diverted elsewhere. Or ban and criminalise all drugs and their use. Trouble is, the worst drug users and dealers are utter scum and should be shot on sight, but there aren't the resources to deal with all the problems of drug abuse nor the scum that cause the problems. The problem will never be solved.
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  11. I long felt that this was the answer to cannabis, at least - though I realised that the fact that you can just grow it in your back garden would probably mean that the tax revenues might be somewhat diminished.
  12. And just how many cnuts will go garden hopping, with knives? A sizable portion of society are scum. End of.


    Because good men do nothing.
  13. Erm, why would anyone bother to steal cannabis if it was essentially free?
  14. Or sell it and pay the tax on the profit!
  15. Even the most batshit regimes havnt been able to stop drug problems.
    A heroin addict without drugs is a complete pain with drugs sits in a croner vegging out.
    Apprantly you get one or two good hits off heroin and then you have to have it or you start to feel bad heance addicts prepared to do anything.
    Your never going to be allowed to shoot junkies or winos or anybody else so why bring it up.