6 wounded in Basra

NOt on the web yet. Any other details?


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Hoping for a speedy recovery guys. All the best.
Looks like the b@stards got the range right for once.

Best wishes and speedy recovery.
Bat_Crab said:
Speedy recovery chaps, I hope the b*stards aren't getting accurate.

Getting accurate?? This type of thing happens all too often.

On telic 8, the majority of our casualties came from IDF, including both our dead. At the OSB I don't think there's a single building which isn't covered in frag damage.

For some reason, casualties - although common - very rarely make the news.

Edited to add: Best wishes on a speedy recovery.
Heard the news a few minutes ago - my thoughts are with the injured.


I really hope everybody recovers fully, especially the badly injured chappie. Is there any further news on this?



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Garrison Radio has a piece on their CURRENT Army Radio News bulletin here

Piece carries a phone call between Garrison and Bde's Capt Ollie Pyle - mortar attack on Basra Palace Camp. 6 injured, 1 seriously.

Wishing all those hurt a speedy recovery,

Lee Shaver
All the best to those injured for full and speedy recoveries. My thoughts too with their families and oppos at this time.

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