6 weeks in to Catterick - question???

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by brettyboy69, May 14, 2008.

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  1. Just a quick question really. You know when you have done 6 weeks at Catterick, it says in the booklet you get once passing selection, that you get to come home, and you get your beret along with capbadge...

    Is the cap badge you get the one for your choses regiment/battalion?

    Also i'v got Catterick coming up on the 1st of July, anyone whos been/currently doing training there got any usefull tips, info, good kit sugestions etc...all would be really appreciated.

    Many Thanks. Brett
  2. it's probably a dated publication anyway, but usually up to the six week point youd be wearing the General Service Corps cap badge, untill you get your chosen Regiments capbadge, belt etc. (unless you have to pass trade training to recieve it) generally speaking
  3. You used to wear a (****)cap for your first six weeks. On the day you go on your long weekend you'll have Drill Test 1 which, if you pass, allows you to begin wearing your regimental head dress and capbadge.

    Although i did my phase 1 at Pirbright, when i was a Catterick doing my phase 2 i never saw anyone wearing a general service corps cap badge.
  4. thanks for trhe info guys.

    so what was catterick like? im both excited and nervous :)
  5. i was speaking in general, not infantry specific. apoligies if i was misleading.

    for the first SIX weeks of basic, not phase 2/trade training, i mean some jobs/regiments/corps require you to complete phase 2 to get your stable belt, not cap badge.
  6. Catterick is great, ******* hard work, but if it was easy everyone would do it. There'll be plenty of times when you are cold, wet and hungry wondering why the **** you're there, but stick with it and you wont regret it.

    I think theres a few threads on Catterick in the Infantry forum and a load of us gravel bellies both ex and serving who could answer any Catterick/ Inf specific questions.
  7. The instructors will advise you what kit you need and will probably take you to John Bull's to buy it.

    I'd try and get hold of some re sealable water proof bags, for water proofing your kit on exercise, also make sure you have got a marker pen.
  8. Hey brettylad - what stage did you have a p1ss test in training. How many do you get.
  9. got my piss test at selection, as soon as i went in through the doors. once youve passed selection, and u go off to basic training, u get a blood test.
  10. You have a bit of an obsession about wee, don't you?

    Can anyone possibly guess why this is?
  11. must have something to hide
  12. What happens if your blood or urine test comes back positive to some form of drugs?

    I am asking this because it is interesting. Obviously it must happen pretty often, because drugs are rife in society. Are there certain conditions that people get let off if the drugs are not serious, or are all drugs under the same regulation?

  13. Someone will give you the definite but I'm fairly sure if its before training you will be told not to turn up or booted out of the gate rather sharpish.
  14. I don't mean to make a stereotype out of infantrymen here, but obviously this must be quite a problem for recruits into the infantry.

    I don't mean people who have already passed, but potential recruits. I wonder how many are turned away each month for drug use, especially for something as simple as cannabis.
  15. My bold.

    This would be the same cannabis that alters your perception on reality and affects your rational thinking? Nothing simple about that when it's being taken by somebody who uses automatic weapons as a part of their job.
    This isn't a problem for recruits, this is a problem for civvies, and society in general. Drug misuse is unfortunately rife in all walks of life regardless of social standing. The choice of regiment or corps they wish to join is irrelevant.