6 weeks for 24 years?

Discussion in 'Jobs (Discussion)' started by Make_it_fit, Nov 11, 2006.

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  1. Is it just me or are we being short sighted when applying for resettlement we give up a whole 4-6 weeks period to keep us in employment for the next 25 years? The resettlememnt proceess is IMHO a joke, and the grant is enough to pay for a very poor course in basket weaving. Thaks but I'll do my own thing, total cost £7 000, can't wait to claim £534 towards it!!!
  2. Totally agree. However you've not done too bad for yourself (HND and Honours Degree in Mechanical Engineering).

    I am just heading off down the degree path with OU, any top tips?
  3. I'm currently almost 2/3's of the way through a BA(Hons) in Social Sciences with Geography & Politics with the OU and am loving it even though it can be ultra throbbing and wishy washy at times.

    I'm using my SLC's to partly pay for the course. I'm saving my ELC's for something like PRINCE2 however I intend to use one of my ELC's for something I 'enjoy'!

    Remember that you can claim for travel to any tutorials you attend and also that the MOD will pay most of the cost of attendance at a Summer school.

    Don't forget that there are LOADS of military studying with the OU so you won't be alone.
  4. Hats off to you matlot, socials sciences must be boring. Engineering is more my scene and I am on my first module of a BEng (Hons) degree.

    I am also using SLC's to pay for the modules. I have already used one ELC claim on the PRINCE2 course. It was an interesting course if you like management theories, etc but do bear in mind that the qualification only lasts for 5 years. The final test is no walk in the park either.

    Its interesting to hear that you can claim for travel to tutorials. This will be good for me as I am in Germany!! I asked if I could claim for this at my AEC the other day and they didn't know. Do you know the reference that says I can claim? and does it include accommodation?

  5. Leave it with me-I'll have a dig around but it may take a couple of days....

    I'm almost sure that there is a maximum claim of 300 miles in one week though
  6. OU - loved it, I think the course material is excellent and well worth the money, only criticism would be that you can't stray too far from their chosen path, part of the fun(?) of degree work is finding it out yourself.

    As for top tips, a 60 point course will mean less work output than 2x30 point courses, obviously the complexity increases but the result is the same ie 60 points! Summer schools are a good way of reinforcing what you've learnt (and you can get the system to pay for them) I didn't do any 10 points as they weren't offered but I hear that they are relatively straightforward and fill the gap between the main courses.

    Next step for me is an MSc, I must be blummin mad!!! Total cost 7K hence the original post, but then with my time left.....
  7. Why get upset about lack of resettlement - the Army paid you for a particular job, job done move on. Your end date is no surprise, so plan for it and take advantage of the system when you can. The system paid for most of my degree while sending me to some very nice locations and allowing endless opportunities for sport and keeping fit. (A few nasty bits in between but most of us enjoy them too)

    Loads of my pre-Army civillian mates have been made reduntant at no notice, no on the job education and no sport or adventure training.

    The Army is better than just a JOB; it is great life but of limited duration, enjoy it while you can, milk it for all you can get but don't expect any end of contract help - and why should you.
  8. I think you'll find you have 7 weeks GRT for your 24 years but nobody should expect to use this and the pitiful £534 IRTC to prepare them for the rest of their working life.
    Everyone can claim up to £175 each year to help fund their own personal development. That means the Army has offered you £4,200 so far.
    And what other outfit would give you anorher £3000 in ELC which you can claim for up to 10 years after you leave them!
    With IRTC, the tax payers have offered you £7,734 to prepare for civvie street
    Respect to those that use all this to better themselves! :D
  9. Those of us who registered for the ELC in 2003 will find that the ELC will be £2k per year after 2008! :D
  10. in_the_cheapseats

    in_the_cheapseats LE Moderator


    Just remember that once you are out, you will get nothing to what you are getting whilst serving.

    You will fight with your boss for training. I got out in Jun, having moaned as you have about what I also thought was the pitiful inadequeces of the Army leaving package.

    Trust me, if you want training once you are out, be prepared to be disappointed. I have been sent on a single two day course (cost of 1500 to the business) as my job training and have been told that
    1. That's it for the year
    2. From people I am working with, they're amazed I got a course so soon. Some of them have waited a couple of years to be so privileged.

    Compare your preperation for life outside to the one given to someone made redundant from my work last week. 23 years with the business and given 3 mths notice. Fcuk all else..... Get ready for life in the real world.

    If I were you I would make damn sure that you use everything the Army offers you, including the time allowed, to get yourself on courses.

    It is the last employer you will have that will give a damn.
  11. in_the_cheapseats

    in_the_cheapseats LE Moderator


    Anyone else got words of wisdom for our friends?
  12. The difference being? The guys in my trade who I rate most highly have, without exception, learned most of what they know through self-study and outside working hours.

    When guys ask for training they're told to go away and do an NBC course or something else that's of 0% use to them when they leave. Far too often, personal development is frowned upon.
  13. I just got my latest results (from T305 Digital Communications) last week and passed - thank f***. Only 60 more points and I get my BA Hons in Business With ICT. Yay!
  14. Bang on!

    We have had a SSgt leave the army as he has obtained a masters degree through the OU and the army were not prepared to commission him (not in his own corps or any other), so he walked. Undoubtedly he will do very well in civvy street. In my experience the army is awash with lazy incompetent individuals who genuinely believe the hardcore military indoctrination that they have been subjected to, holds even a modicum of weight in civil employment. Quite frankly to all but a very small handful of employers, you can take your military experience and shove it up your arse, and if you couldn't be arsed to achieve so much as an NVQ Level 1 in 22 years with everything all bought and paid for - then you will quickly find yourself in the queue for the soup outstide embankment tube station.

    6 weeks resettlement time is 42 days more than you will get anywhere else - you only have to look at the news over the past few days to see hundreds of employees being laid off a few days before christmas. I don't see them whinging about resettlement.
  15. I'm halfway through the OU MBA and it alternates between being great fun and a total pain in the arrse. Regardless about what you feel about the present value of the qualification it is a fantastic resettlement course as it gets you thinking along the right lines and helps to develop a civilian mindset. It also defines those skills that you have which are transferable and those you need to develop to be a civilian and compete on the job market.

    I'm happy to help if anyone wants to know more about the qualification. Good luck and Merry Christmas!