6 ways to keep your sanity while he is away

Discussion in 'The Other Half' started by lawstudent, Jun 23, 2005.

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  1. 6 Ways To Keep Your Sanity
    While He's Away

    A vast crater is left in any woman's heart when her man gets out those all too familiar duffle bags, tightly packs them with his belongings, puts on his uniform and leaves. The somber days, weeks or even months following his departure offer no comfort. Some days are better than others, but every night is the same…alone.

    If this loss of heart is a regular part of your life, then finding support outside of your relationship is very important. The good news is there are a lot of resources out there for you. The most important thing to remember is to try and keep yourself busy with things that fulfill the vacant spot left by your loved one's departure. Try as many new things as it takes to find relief, encouragement and satisfaction. For some ideas of where to start see below:

    Many woman find companionship and empathy in military wife chat rooms or forums. We have a very active military spouses forum here at arrse.co.uk Take a chance and try it out. Wives of military men can laugh and cry together because they have a huge part of their lives in common.

    Person to person relations with other wives is another way women have found support. The trick is not to judge or get discouraged if you meet a wife that you don't connect with. Just because you have similar lives, it doesn't mean you'll be the best of friends. If you get discouraged, talk to someone else. Don't stop until you find a wife that you connect with, someone to call in the middle of the night if you needed to.

    Journaling is a therapeutic act for just about anyone in any situation, but particularly helpful to calm the maelstrom of emotions felt when you're apart from your loved one. If journaling is hard to do, pretend that you're writing a letter. Some women find it comforting and easier to address the top of the page to their husband, sister or friend even if they don't have any intention of sending it.

    Picking up a hobby is a really great idea for many reasons. Spending time doing something that you like makes the time pass easier. Most hobbies involve accomplishing something, and in turn promote good self-esteem and an independent nature. Activities vary from the physical such as dancing, sports, aerobics/weight training and horseback riding to the more stationary pastimes such as writing, painting, scrapbooking, ceramics/pottery, reading, jewelry making and home decorating.

    Volunteer work is very fulfilling because it channels the idle time spent focusing on the negative aspects of the relationship into a more positive focus. Many women find it fulfilling to know that their husband isn't the only one who is helping our country.

    Go back to school. Get your degree, a certificate or just take a few classes you're interested in. The possibilities are endless. Grants and financial aid are readily available. For more details, visit your local university or community college at their registration office or their website.
    Remember, the idea is to replace your emptiness with satisfaction. Keep attempting to involve yourself in healthy activities until you find one (or more) that fit your personality. It is of utmost important that you keep your mind healthy and active while your husband is away. Many women would kill for circumstances that encourage them to go out and make themselves happy, so make the most if it!
  2. a vibrator attached to car battery usually keeps entertaining whilst the other is away
  3. i like that idea... anyone have any others to add?
  4. Just do what others do

    The rear party and any other regiment in the area.

  5. And what about us house husbands that are left behind??
  6. You can keep the lonely housewives company... 8O :lol:
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