6 Supply Reg LAD ?

Discussion in 'REME' started by hender214, Jul 11, 2012.

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  1. Ive just got my posting to 6 supply reg LAD just after a bit info whats it like there? plenty of work on? adventure training (snowboarding)? places i have to go etc? also if anyone knows when are they due on tour by PM ; )
  2. It's awesome! Working with the RLC is a real pleasure.

    You will have sooo much fun learning all the different languages of the guys in the regt.
  3. PA has pretty much hit on the nose, RLC regiments are just as bad as Bn's with all the shit last minute.com crap they dick you for. I am sure you will love the temple down town Gutersloh, some proper top class totty frequents that drinking venue!
  4. Yeah its not really what i wanted but it will do for a start in sure haha. long as theres a few good brothels kicking about and i get some board time in il be a happy chappy
  5. Having done my 22, and then worked there untill last week, have fun. The RLC suck so bad that I jacked my civvie job in working in the camp. The b all and end all is it sucks worse than anything I have ever done in my life. Very glad I am now out of it!!
  6. Were you barman in Club 47?
  7. I've just come back of Herrick 15 with them and the regiment are a nightmare! couldn't plan anything everything was last minute and half arsed. The LAD had some good lads innit but most are going on class 1 courses or posted. You will be busy with them cause the are basically gonna be on/off herrick till it shuts oh and the CO is a complete belter who refused to sign my 2RO even though I'd been with his unit for 8 months. And he's ex REME the fecking badge collection, oxygen thieving prick.
  8. Really that bad haha ******* hell can't wait to get there now at least I might get on tour soon then pay off some debt
  9. I take back what was said about the CO I was wrong and am willing to apologise on here, I was misled by my parent unit and gobbed off when in the wrong.
  10. Oh dear. Interview without coffee?
  11. Nope, just found out what I'd been told wasn't correct when I posted that comment.
  12. any idea when they are next on tour then?