6 speed manual gearbox

Discussion in 'Cars, Bikes 'n AFVs' started by revmodes, Dec 4, 2011.

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  1. Taking delivery next week, Vauxhall insignia SRi diesel, with a six speeed manual box, current motor has 5 which is great the technique of using it is straightforward enough,In 5th at low speed 25-30 mph the engine labours so downchange usually to 4th and she picks up slowly.

    My question is how to get the best out of 6th ? i live a bit in the sticks, twisty lanes, not many long straights, obviously 6th gear will be used on a main drag when cruising
    is it a viable gear economy and maintaining rev's wise, in a slower moving situation?
  2. Er... what?

    Don't you just drive like everyone else and match the gear to the revs and the amount you need to accelerate?

    When I went from 5 gears to 6 it was exactly the same as when I went from 4 gears to 5. I used mechanical sympathy and general driving ability to judge what gear to use - in most 6 speed cars you'll find that it compares to a 5 speed manual something like 1.0, 1.8, 2.6, 3.4, 4.2, 5.0 anyway so just use 6th when you'd otherwise use 5th.
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  3. My Alfa has 6 gears....drive it like normal. I live in the highlands so a straight road is a bit of a luxury but I still manage to sit in 6th most of the way into work.

    Having said that, its an extremely torque diesel engine and she will pull from 30mph in 6th, especially if Dynamic mode is engaged.

    My Volvo C30 however had 5 gears and 5th is crap..i really ahve to use the gearbox.
  4. I learnt to drive in a car with 6 gears and then when I passed went to 5 gears. This resulted in me sub conciously trying to go into 6th only to find I was trying to put it into reverse...try not to make that mistake otherwise your gear box won't last long
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  5. Err don't a lot of you have HGV licences?
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  6. not i your worship, got a 12 speed box on me pushbike though. gotta the msg use as normal..
  7. X59

    X59 LE

    What he said.

    Except my missus still thinks 5th is top gear.

    To be fair, we've only had the car two years, so maybe I should be more sympathetic !!
    I always end up pointing the gear change thing out, which NEVER ends up in an argument.

    If only.
  8. Expect the box to fail Revmodes they are known to self destruct mate had his replaced at 25K mines went at 60K Since you bought a pile of shite I expect you'll be on first name terms with your local main stealer
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  9. got an insignia had for 2 years for 25 to 30 you should be in 4th
  10. I had a 6 speed Hyundai Tucson CRDi, and the 'box was a pain tn the ringpiece, the ratios were all wrong. I put in a 5 speeder from an older Tucson, and it comined with the variable geometry turbo already on the car was most definitely FTW.

    If the 6 gears is confusing you, don't buy a new BMW - some of them will have 8.
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  11. Ferking 'ell that has really cheered my old lady up, it will be mainly her using it.. crunchy box i am finding already, 1st to 2nd is a pain in the wrist, quick downchanges from 6th to 4th take some practice, and the fercking Sri setup is about as smooth as a
    lada on soltau.
  12. The safest way to drive is to identify whats happening in the road in front of you and prioritise hazards. Use this information to establish good road position, ensure you are travelling at the correct speed, then select the most responsive gear for the next hazard before continuing to accelerate if appropriate. On country lanes at sub 60mph this means a lot of 2nd and 3rd (3rd and 4th in 6speed diesels) Especially if you want to negotiate corners and bends at speed.

    However the above "System of Car Control" although safest is not the most fuel efficient. You'll probably find that your car will labour in 6th at anything less than 40mph and if left in 6th to negotiate bends it will feel like a roller coaster rather than a smooth drive so you have to find the happy middle ground between safe and responsive low gear, high revs - fuel efficient and quiet high gear low revs.

    Basically it all depends on the road conditions but if you're doing 40mph plus and there are no immediate dangers you should be employing vehicle sympathy and relaxing the engine into 5th/6th.

    I recently managed 420miles of motorway driving on £40 worth of diesel thanks to 6th gear in my motor.
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  13. Depends on the car I guess, but there's no way my Tucson would sustain 40 in 6th comfortably (for it or me). I'm with you on the driving method, though. Don't drive like a twat, stamping on the brakes every few seconds etc. I also have a 10 year old Rover 25 which will give high 40s MPG if driven sensibly, and it's a petrol.
  14. The Doris has the new Audi TT, thats a six speed manual, took half an hour to get used to the extra gear but other than that, like explained above, match the revs with an up - down gear change, job jobbed.

    It just means when your on the motorway sat at 80 you can chuck it in 6th and only be doing about 2200 rpm.

  15. I find it a pain in the wrist as well plus the astra has shite elbow room on the righthand side so you have to sit with your arm near the window which becomes sore after a few miles vauxhalls are ******* gash