6 SCOTS in kabul.

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by super_stab69, Oct 18, 2007.

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  1. Hey guys, Im going out to replace these guys in the new year. Is there anyone out there with these guys? Hows the tour going? whats it like? how hairy is it?

    Iv been given the speel from my officers and SNCOs about whats going on but i would like some info from the boots on the ground.

    Main question is enemy activity, when, where and how often.

    Cheers if anyone can help. Keep safe.
  2. We were there in 2002/2003 (51st Highland now 7 Scots) try getting their number from their website and give them a phone......dont think the info your looking for will be post on here..OPSEC old boy!
  3. msr

    msr LE

    Don't you trust your Offrs / SNCOs?

  4. Its not that i dont trust them, its just as a private solder i would like to here from other private solders, what there take on things are.
  5. Was there in 2003/2004.
    Unless anything has changed dramatically, you will be living in Camp Souter, which has hard accomodation with four man rooms (unless head shed) a Naafi bar, EFI, gym, sports hall, and a cookhouse, which didsome kick ass scoff. Other nations used to come from miles around to get some, and some food.
    Was relativley quite at the time, no shootings, several rockets and mortars all either missed or were found before fired. Number of suicide bombings in January, including one which hit us, sadly lost a very good friend, and nearly three others in the same vehicle.
    Then they flew in snatch, which we didn't see for two weeks as they were in the workshops!
    Apart from the above had a cracking time with some top blokes.
    Try and get out and see the wider city, the two palaces Kings and Queens), the zoo (with the hardest lion in the World, survived the russians, the taliban and UN forces, I hope he's still alive!). Do some research before you go, allegedly it used to be a stunning place, rivalling Venice and St Petersburgh for splendour. Now it's a dump!
    If you want to know anymore pm me. Green Howards, RGJ and RGBW (All Reg) all went out after us, so if you know anyof them, give them a shout. I kow it got a bit tastier for a while, but couldn't say what ithe situations like now.
  6. i think you guys took over from us, LCV, as we were then in 2002. You took over from us yet again on telic 8 when we were with Normandy Coy and am almost sure you did on telic 3 when i was with 1QLR.

    are you following us ? :D

    it was being built when we were there we lived in 12 man tents which were bloody awful especially in the dust storms. the dust being made up human excrement caused us all to go down with d+v. there was no naafi, efi, sports halland the cookhouse had just started being used as we left. We never even got to use the sparkling new guard room used a grotty old tent near the dodgy gate
  7. I was there last summer for a couple of nights as part of our journey home from Helmand, all I can say is....Club 18 - 30. The camp has how many bars, PX's take away houses etc. Think you'll enjoy it!
  8. 6 Scots in Kabul, one says to the others.........
  9. ... Ah-canny-stan' this place onny longer.

    Taxi? Looks more like an ambulance, to me...
  10. chrisg46

    chrisg46 LE Book Reviewer

    thought brit troops had al gone south now?
  11. There is still a Brit element up in Kabul. I have a mucca going out very very soon who has had fcuk all in the way of specific to theatre briefs. I suspect that Kabul is still very much a swan in the park as far as enemy activity is concerned. However The bull sh1t factor always increases as enemy movements decrease so get ready for Ironed combats and other sh1t!!!
  12. I was up there for 3 days in January to pay my respects to a fallen friend (kiA 28 /1/04 rest in peace PTE KIT, ONE FOR ON THE BUS) the 2 fusiliers were there at the time they had just done a strike op on a house opposite Sanger 3 for those that have been there they found loads of stuff, also i no that 45commando Zulu had a guy shot in the head last winter by a sniper he did make it, i thought all TA infantry that went to afghan went to camp bastion,like 6th rifles and the london's and 7 rifles r doing now
  13. Sorry OTB - Marwan the Lion roared his last a couple of years ago.

  14. Gutted, RIP.
  15. we'll iv got ether its "a deadly hell hole" or "its like ibiza but with dessies" so i gess the only option is to go out there and see for myself. My papers came through 3 days ago so lifes looking up, at least it would make an interesting chaper in my autobiography.