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Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by h301593, Jan 10, 2012.

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  1. Anyone from 6 RIFLES on here? If so what are the training oppotunities like? More specifically, is it quite easy to get a transfer over from 7 RIFLES due to possible work oppotunities?
  2. Basically yes, its easy, wherabouts in Gods glorious West Country will you be based?
  3. Hopefully Exeter if I get my arrse in gear lol.
  4. Exeter? You have a straight choice, HQ Coy or Rifle Platoon, the Rifle Platoon is based in Exeter but belongs to B Coy from Taunton, ring the PSAO at Taunton TAC, If you've passed CIC experience says the transfer won't be a problem.
    Not a lot to choose between 6 and 7 Rifles, both are good TA Rifle Bn's, I'd say 6 has the edge, but I'm sure there are plenty in 7 who would disagree.

    Good luck!
  5. Considering transfering from a company 30 miles away to a platoon 1 mile away has been a problem.... Think I might just put it on hold for a bit then.
  6. The Rifle Platoon is part of B Coy but its based in Exeter! Don't let your bad experience of admin within 7 sway your decision, that said, if you're not committed enough to make the effort you probably won't fit in at B Coy anyway.

    Good luck whatever you do, out.
  7. I think the sensible thing to do... is speak to your own psao, lets be honest he probably has more authoirty and infomation on your question. Personally there shouldnt be a problem providing you passed CIC and a rfn. I know of a 7 rifles NCO who wished to transfer to 6 rifles but there wasnt a place within the company he wished to join thus he was potentially looking at a demotion. However as i said, best speak to your PSAO he can look into it for you.
  8. To be honest mate I want to go over to the Bugle platoon, but im not sure if they come under the strength of the rifle coy like my old one did.
    Ive got the band PSIs number now so I will give him a call on monday
  9. Probably the best thing mate, does 6 have a bugle platoon?? or are you on about the salamanca band?
  10. The bugle platoon at Wyvern Barracks (I think). Although theres only a few left because 3 of them transfered over to 7 Rifles.
  11. I "think" your referring to the salamanca band mate, they are at exeter. Give me a couple of days and i can ask a few questions. PM any specfics you want mate :)
  12. RP578

    RP578 LE Book Reviewer

    H, I will make enquiries about this for you as there is something deeply amiss here. Never known anyone to have that sort of problem before and there has been extensive intra-battalion transferring. Let me see what I can't find out.
  13. Just to clarify, buglers are classed as riflemen not musicians and therefore will probably* be part of the Rifle Coy ORBAT that is closest to the Band location.

    In practice, however, they rarely have time to do any soldiering because of the high demand for their 'services' (which can make promoting them a tad difficult since they are subject to the same career requirements as riflemen).

    I'm sure if anyone can shed some light on your personal circumstances, RP578 can.

    *Unless some Faustian pact has been agreed between the CO and bandmaster.
  14. Hi mate, yeh that A to E Coy was something to do with our PSAO not wanting it. Both our and E Coy's Platoon commanders were fine with it when I spoke to them.

    Yeh when I was in the 7RIFLES bugle platoon we came under the rifle coy but never did anything with them.

    I spoke to both the Waterloo and Salamanca Band PSIs tonight so they are both happy with the deal. Just time to let my OC and PSAO know now.