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Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by spigot, Jul 24, 2010.

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  1. Tried on the joining forum with no success,

    Does anyone know what 6 Rifles are like as a TA Bn, in particular D Coy?

    Does it still operate with a Coy and an outstation?
    Do they still have pioneers?
    What's their attendance like?

  2. Both me and 7.62bayonet say ask the PSI :D
  3. I thought that 7.62bayonet was the PSI!? Or has he been replaced with a superior model? ;-)
  4. 6 Rifles have a good reputation, laid back but professional. I met quite a few when they were Light Infantry on courses and on Ops - I was impressed.
  5. Great unit, now has avery strong CofC. One of the most deployed ta infantry battalions - owing to the rotation through op tours of the 5 regular battalions. 6 & 7 Rifles tend to augment each other on tour, with one Bn taking the lead. 6 deploy on H14 with 1 rifles, and 7 take the lead on H15 with 2 Rifles.
    D Coy are based in Truro still (it sounds like you're familiar with the unit of old?) the outstation is in the mighty Muff (Plymouth for the uninitiated!) no pioneers, they are with A Coy in Glos, they have the MG platoon in plymouth instead.
    Attendance is good.
    If you want any contact info or further details PM me, and I'll put you in touch with the TALO.
  6. Seeing as your jump the sinking ship and leaving him in the lurch he'll technically be the OC, CSM and PSI.

    How come every TA infantry battalion seem to claim they are the most deployed?
  7. To get people to want to join...simples
  8. Yeah, fair one. Unfair to comment on other units really. We are currently mobilizing a coy's worth of blokes for ops for the fifth time (or is it sixth?) since 2003. But have sent several Pl(ish) size groups away as well on numerous occasions, not to mention the IR's.
  9. C (now D)was a great Coy when it was part of 6 LI and still a great Coy as part of 6 Rifles. Don't p1ss about on here.... turn up on a Tuesday and find out for yourself :)
  10. 6 rifles is mega :) been in a while now and definitly think its awesome, reccomend to anyone. unsure about d coy as im c coy but all the blokes ive met seem to sound as. hopefully see ya around some time