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Hi all,
I am in the process of joing 6 Rifles. Literally just done my Med Exam and all is fine. I have coming up the selection weekend, if I stay injury free and switched on etc I should be OK- however not taking that for granted. If I manage to get through this everything will be in place for my atestation. Once that has happened whats the lay out for training.
Is it 6 weekends - 2 week course whilst doing all that regular Tuesday night training?? Where will the weekends take place?? I presume its Catterick for the 2 week course? Are you straight into Tueday evenings or are you expected to complete the 6 weekends first etc...... If all goes to plan I am just trying to guage whats what.
Any help and guidance much appreciated
Speak to your recruiter, they should direct you whats next. They can also explain the training process, best to speak to them rather than take what you read here as fact.
Cheers for that. I was hoping that perhaps somebody had recently completed the training so I could pick their brains a bit too. I'll drop the TAC a line and get some more info, but if anybody has completed the training it would be good to hear from you
Much appreciated
Hi Goalkeeper,
You'll do six weekends (TSC 1 - 6) which are the Common Military Syllabus, followed by a further three Infantry specific weekends (TSC 7 - 9) before you go to Catterick. All of these take place in Exeter at ATU Wessex. You will do one weekend a month interspersed with Tuesday nights under your Company training team. It will therefore take the best part of a year before you are classed as a trained soldier. Which Company are you by the way? PM me if you have any more questions
One weekend a month? Our ATU ITW runs weekends every fortnight.
Cheers for that. I thought it was something like that but was not sure on time scales etc. I've applied through B Coy and they seem like a good bunch of lads. I'm hoping nobody will say any different :) I'll take you up on your offer if anything else springs to mind. I have a bit of a wait ahead of me. I'm not doing recruit selection until March as I have a baby on the way in January. So it will all be pushed back a bit but it's always handy having an idea of timescales and whats what. It all took me by surprise as I had to wait on Glasgow for my 203! It seemed to come through in record time - So I wasn't expecting to hear anything back until after Xmas. So I've ramped up the fitness a bit too!
Will I go through the training with the same bunch of lads throughout? Whats the training like on a Tuesday parade night? Is it directed towards what you need to know at that point IE to help you out for your next weekend etc?

Many thanks
Boxy, you're quite right - TSC weekends run every fortnight, but in Goalkeeper's case if he does RSW in March there's a delay of a month between TSC 2 and 3. So assuming he passes all the weekends and doesn't miss any he'll be ready for CIC by mid August. Though having said that Goalkeeper, as you've just got your 203 from Glasgow I take it you have previous service. Do you have to repeat all the training or just a refresher?
How often do they run the CIC?
I was in over 8 years ago so it will all be new to me :) So hopefully i'll be starting from scratch.
So is their a possibility of doing the weekend part every other weekend and completing training ASAP? Or because the way everything is falling it will be once a month?

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