6 Regt AAC

What = a new AAC TA Regt to support AH Ops, based at Bury St Edmunds. The regt is being formed by rebadging a current TA unit.
When = Should be fully Op by Apr 07 ish (don't quote me on the date as I've been on leave more than 3 minutes)
Why = Why the hell not.
Anyone know anything = Yes, lots of people, HQ DAAvn are on the case big style and the TA unit in question have been fully briefed.

Other answers you may want to know:

No they wont have any aircraft, they are ground support for AH based at wattisham.
Yes it will open up a few perm staff posts (some I believe have been filled).
Very few Volunteers are going to be able to give up 3+ weeks away from work, home, mistresses etc. to do the required ME course (remember, not too much detail here for our journalistic friends). Students - Yes. Dole Patrol - Yes. Others - unlikely. The students can't be mobilised and may well move on after graduation, whilst the Dole Patrol are likely to present other issues whilst they consume MTD's faster than you can say 'knife'. These courses have to be modularised.

Most of the army, especially UKSF, Int Corps, R Sigs, RAMC, RAC and the infantry have moved a good way along and up the learning curve in how to make best use (and abuse sometimes) of the TA. The AAC is now at the start of that learning curve. Doesn't bode well when you read some of the criticisms of management posted around here !

Leaving aside the 'Zathura' that is AH-64, what do the Arrse regulars think would be a better/sensible use for the re-badged personnel?
RHQ, Bury St Edmonds

677 Sqn, Bury St Edmonds ( ex 202 Bty RA (V) )

XXX Sqn, Dishforth

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