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Discussion in 'Aviation' started by Sam_Fisher, Nov 2, 2005.

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  1. Anyone know about the proposed new unit being formed near Bury St Edmunds. TA supposedly. That will mean that all the crusty pilots will have somewhere to go and bitch.....oh and the odd officer
  2. From what I hear, its AH support being made up from a current TA regt. Mainly DROPS wagons and that sort of stuff. Not sure of the usual AAC structure though. Certainly no cabs anyway.
  3. I have heard itr said that the RSM might be a certain pilot from 3 Regt , his surname is a character from Beatrix Potter.
  4. Sah WO1 Tiggywinkle reporting for duty SAH!

  5. I heard its going to have no Aircrew and yet the only firm names ive heard mentioned so far are both Aircrew....now explain that!
  6. What about a co-located Squadron up here to support Dishcloth ?
  7. The rumour is, it will consist of AH groundcrew only, to assist in ops.
  8. No no no! They are going to reroll a TA RA unit into AAC TA and yes in Bury and no beatrix potter aircrew..................
  9. Aviation Ground Crew Specialist

    The Army Air Corps (AAC) provides battlefield helicopters for the Army, the main roles being attack of enemy armour, surveillance and target acquisition. AAC Groundcrew need to be able to work as part of a team, and on occasions as an individual, and may be expected to defend the Forward Operating Bases and Forward Arming and Refuelling Points, also refuel and re-arm the helicopters and provide the essential communications to other Army units.

    AAC Groundcrew works with a number of different types of helicopters including the Gazelle, Lynx and Apache. Also there are a number of other responsibilities within this employment from helicopter troop drills, fire and crash rescue to helicopter marshalling. There are a number of Light Goods Vehicles (LGV) utilised by the AAC, of which all Groundcrew will be trained to drive and service, including Landrovers, Tactical Aircraft Refuellers (4 tonne tankers) and the Detachable Rack Operating Platform Systems (15 tonne flatbeds).

    Candidates need a good basic standard of education with the ability and motivation to work on their own initiative.

    Sounds to me like it should be RLC (V) who are re-badged, not RA (V), so I suppose the Bury change is a decision based on geography.

    Which of these duties will the TA need to be able to do ?
  10. This rumour was being bashed around 7 Regt about a year ago.. Has it become fact or still a rumour?
  11. No need, you'll be closing down and moving to Wattisham/Yeovilton soon anyway.
  12. Of course the decision was based on geography, there wouldn't be much point earmarking an RLC regiment in North Wales would there. No doubt the TA groundcrew will be trained in all the support roles conducted by regular AAC ground crew otherwise they would be unable to support the regular regiments on ops/exercise. The fact that they are currently RA is irrelevant, many TA units have re-roled over the past ten years or so - it really isn't that difficult.
  13. Well, JL, stranger things have been known.

    1. The Regular Army seems capable of making the stupidest decisions whenever they have a re-think about the TA as they don't bother themselves to ask the volunteers themselves about the likely impact - the 10 / 4 / 15 Para (V) amalgamation being a case in point. It's obvious to me that other arms of service are bouncing round options and flying kites to see what will fit best going forwards. If CGS had to 'wing it' (excuse pun) re the 1 Para Rangers vs. the line infantry you can bet other Head Sheds are doing the same, not always with the right result.

    2. Judging by some of the banter on this forum, supporting AH is a good deal more complicated than previous AAC airframes and is supposedly a step change in capability, so I wonder if reservists will be able to cope. Anecdotally, 269 Bty RA (V) did a good job with 105mm Light Gun, but a 'technical' piece of kit like Rapier is more of a challenge for the TA Gunners to build and maintain skills. No disrespect, as I'm sure they make best efforts.

    3. There are a good few examples of TA units only training for a limited range of tasks compared to their regular counterparts. Let's face it, an MTD budget of 27 days only gives limited opportunities to cover a full regular syllabus. Even a higher MTD budget for SF Reserves does not equate to the skills displayed by Hereford's finest !

    What I suspect may happen is that said RA (V) will be taught just enough about AAC Groundcrew duties to make they deployable in time for next May.
  14. What a location to start a new aviation support unit, especially with Wattasham just down the road!!!

    Bury St Edmunds is Greene King country! :wink:


    Where do we sign up??

    How about a TA Aviation liason unit in Dublin!!!
  15. The original purpose behind this concept was to generate the manpower required to bring the groundcrew element of AH Regiments up to warfighting establishment - specifically to go from 4 to 8 point FARPS. The plan (and this was a couple of years ago now) was to raise a TA Sqn at Dishforth and one at Wattisham (the Wattisham one being bigger of course). The manpower would be all groundcrew (largely SSgt and below) with a NRPS/PSI SHQ. It would be a Sqn in an administrative sense, not one that would deploy as a formed unit. They would initially be ADMINCON 7 AAC (V) with the aspiration to grow a separate RHQ in future.

    I think we can assume that the concept has progressed somewhat now that DAAvn is talking about 6 AAC (V), but I think the principle remains the same. As to how these Sqns would be raised, the idea was to recruit largely from the former AAC chaps who settle in the Dishforth and Wattisham areas . This is hopefully still the aspiration - we need specialists not generalists. I saw a presentation by the Brigadier TA/Resereves the other day about the role and future of the TA. He didn't mention the AAC(V) specifically, but I noted that while his ORBAT slide showed the volunteer part of the AAC getting much bigger, it didn't appear to be at the expense of the RA(V) or RLC(V). If anything, the liabilities are more likely to come from the TA Inf.