6 Regt AAC (V) - Bury St Edmonds, Swaffham.. and now Norwich

When they get issued their new berets...........
Oi! Cheeky! its a lighter blue :D Personally havent heard/seen anything about going to Norwhich... if I remember I'll ask around for anyone interested.
'Tis true.
As from the New Year our troop will be training alongside yourselves, playing catch up on your 6 months headstart. And I have to say we are all well chuffed.
I'm afraid the Troop is but a shadow of it's former self as many of the core members have drifted away over the last 3 years as we saw our old role get mothballed and our kit sold on ebay (honestly). The regiment then turned to a new role that not many embraced (National comms) and even then we never really new what our own trades or roles where to be so many called it a day and left before what we all saw as the inevitable 'push'. Also the retention of recruits was almost non existant as we had no role, no trades and no decent exercises to keep the interested.
So when we got the nod that there was a chance of what was left of the troop remaining together and rebadging into a Corps with such an exciting role we were all made up.
As I understand it we will be remaining Signals for a while yet as there is still all the red tape to get through but we start on your very busy training program right from the kick off in 2007.
So how has the last half of 2006 been for you guys? Got your hands on any hardware yet? And has the new role helped any with recruiting? I reckon if we stick a picture of the AH outside the gates we will have 'em queueing down the road to get in :mrgreen:
All the best and a HAPPY NEW YEAR!
Hope to see you soon :D
The Rigger Marshaller course is next weekend and I expect to mobilise as a Fobbit / Ops Room wallah to support the Regulars in AFG next month !
Echo !
Do you still have to be less than 50miles from their TAC to join?
Well, I'm about 170 miles away from Bury St Edmonds but then I'm just odd.

Do you have a comms or other relevant background that might incline the Regt to bend the rules ?


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