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Looking for a challenge?

6 Regiment AAC (V) is an Attack Helicopter Ground Crew Regiment equipped to support the Army in providing vital Attack Helicopter Support. We are looking for men and women to train as: Re-arming and Re-fuelling Specialists, Command Post Operators and Signallers, Drivers, Logistic Specialists (Chefs & Supply), clerks and medics

We also look for individuals with the leadership skills, confidence and maturity to become Officers. You should also be healthy and physically fit enough to get the most out of training. Above all, you must have the desire to lead and the commitment to achieve goals.

What’s in it for me?

You will be paid for attending training sessions and you will receive an annual tax-free bonus if you achieve the required standards. Up to date current rates for pay and annual bonus are available on the website Joining The Army - British Army Website. Territorial soldiers enjoy challenges. Teamwork develops friendships and camaraderie amongst people sharing the same goals and who are broadening their mental and physical capabilities. You can gain NVQs, City and Guilds, BTEC, HGV Licence and other qualifications.

Training also offers the opportunity to take part in adventurous activities. These typically include canoeing, cliff climbing, sailing, skiing and trekking, both in the UK and abroad. Apart from being great fun and a way to keep fit, adventurous training will build your self-confidence and help develop vital teamwork skills.

We are now recruiting!
So if you are between 17½ and 43 and looking for a new challenge in your spare time, then we’d like to hear from you. Call now for further information or drop in any Tuesday 08.00-10.00pm (for Middle Wallop please call 01264 784991 to arrange to come in).

Where you can train?

Detachment 677 Squadron, Detachment 677 Squadron
TA Centre, TA Centre,
Sporle Road, 325 Alysham Road,
Swaffham PE37 7HL Norwich NR3 2AB
Tel: 01234 350517 Tel: 01603 427396

Regimental HQ,
TA Centre, 655 Squadron
New Market Road, Army Aviation Centre,
Bury St Edmunds Middle Wallop
Suffolk IP33 3SW Stockbridge, So20 8DY
Tel: 01284 753407 Tel: 01264 784491

I have never served in the forces, what does my training involve?

After completing your paper work and initial tests, you will be required to attend 6 weekends, followed by two weeks at a Recruit Training Centre to complete basic soldier training. During this time you will learn the basic military skills that are a necessity for working in the army including weapon handling skills, first aid and how to survive in the field amongst others. This initial phase provides an excellent insight into what life as a TA reservist will be like and the type of people you will be working with in the future.

You will then move on to Trade Training known as Phase Two Training. Over five weekends at your local TA Centre you will learn about the history and ethos of the regiment, unit security, flight safety, fire fighting, IT and key subjects. Once this is completed you will stream into a specialisation which offers a variety of challenges and rewards with it that will develop you personally and professionally. It is at this stage you will have to opportunity to work with one of the British Armies most potent and newest weapons, the Apache Attack Helicopter! The Apache represents one of the most technologically advanced weapons in the British Armies arsenal.

For further information about life in the AAC please visit:

Reserves - British Army Website

Contact Details - British Army Website

655 Sqn AAC (V) - British Army Website

For further information about how to join the TA please visit:

Territorial Army - British Army Website

Join as a TA Soldier - British Army Website
Youth is wasted on the young.

Life is not fair, just as I thought I knew what Army Flying was all about, with over four thousand hours on Gazelle, Scout, Lynx & Islander, I had to leave the Army and get a proper job at 42. All that time shooting (SLR, SMG, 9mm, 38", L42, LMG, GPMG, SA80, 66mm, Charly G, LSW, AOP, FAC, TOW) also training others, playing at soldiers on the ground and in the air in Northern Ireland and Bosnia, supporting the troops as best I could and now when we get a decent cab to play with I'm to old.

I'm still not a bad shot, well with Compound Bow I group to less than the size of a fig 12 at 100 yds, that's in the red circle on an Standard Archery Target and have a few 6 gold ends to my credit to prove it, that's six hits in a less than head size circle. I shoot six arrows, no bang or recoil, take a leisurely walk as in golf, check and score the target, then repeat for a total of 72 or more and no patching up!

I'm still the same weight as when I joined, 62Kg's, not quite as fit, who is in their 50's but could pass a BFT as I do the distance every Sunday to the paper shop for my Sunday Torygraph in under 10.5 min.

Oh how I wish I was ten years younger and unfortunately I still would be ineligible to join the TA AAC due to age.

I'm still as daft but not as naive, never mind, "Life is not the way it's supposed to be, it's the way it is. The way you cope with it is what makes the difference." Virginia Satir
I'm definitely up for a challenge and very enthusiastic to join the TA AAC (surely that could be shortened to TAAC?!). MW is within range for me, so it'd be 655. I'd be especially keen to have a stab at Aviation Support Officer, but fear I may be too over the hill. I'm pretty sure I know the age limit (based on RMCS) but I'd rather hear it straight from the [Scottish] Horse's mouth... Can anyone here from 6 Rgt(V) advise please?

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I suggest you read the post for age limits:

We are now recruiting!
So if you are between 17½ and 43 and looking for a new challenge in your spare time, then we’d like to hear from you. Call now for further information or drop in any Tuesday 08.00-10.00pm (for Middle Wallop please call 01264 784991 to arrange to come in).

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