6-pack in 8 days

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Nugger, Aug 29, 2013.

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  1. All PTI s and other " Twice round my beautiful body, GO" types, I have a photo-shoot in 8 days time and need to get my very slight beer-gut turned into a 6-pack by next Friday.

    Will not eating or drinking, plus 200 sit-ups per day divided into 4x50 do the job?

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  2. Hippo suction will be your friend.
  3. No way, I m 70 kgs of lean muscle!
  4. No....
  5. You have a what now ?

    Gobble fat burners go for a fast half hour run then do leg raises til you puke

    Wipe mouth, kick a bag 100 times left leg , 100 times right leg. In fact just do it til you puke

    Wipe mouth, hang from pull up bar, get feet to alternately touch left elbow then right elbow. How many reps you ask ? Yep til you puke.

    Wipe mouth,(your teeth will be a shiny new white?) sit on swiss ball and do slow controlled reps until the usual conclusion.

    Wipe mouth. Try and unbend your body to get into bed.

    Day 2 ........
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  6. Sounds like it already has.
    You're clearly good to go and just an attention seeking time waster.
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  7. You need lots of deep anal penetration. I can help.

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  8. Between you and the laxatives suggestion earlier he's going to be a right state come the photo shoot!
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  9. 6 pack in 8 days? Fuck me, I can drink that much in less than 10 minutes!
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  10. Scrawny twat. :wink:

    Go high fat, low carb for the rest of the week, switching to no-carb two days before the shoot, that'll help get shot of any water weight you're carrying.
  11. Mr_Fingerz

    Mr_Fingerz LE Book Reviewer

    I was going to say that I can get a six pack in half an hour (a quick trip to the shops); but Joker beat me to it.
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  12. Shit can the sit ups they wont do jack.Sprints shed weight.Calcium apparently helps shed weight of your stomach region so pint of milk. Spices are another good thing for helping burn fat. Don't eat pasta,bread and potatoes. But you have probably left it to late.
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  13. theres an expose on the net some where about how professional phots get the before and after pics and can do it with only an hour or so difference.

    shave up, fake tan, suck it in and beast yourself in the gym plenty of light and shadow and angles and hey presto after phots

    I'll try and remember where I saw it
  14. OK, you didn't tell us what they will be photo shooting.

    Will you be visable?