6 nations winner?

Discussion in 'Sports, Adventure Training and Events' started by codbutt, Jan 22, 2008.

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  1. So, who will win the 6 Nations then?

    Can Dad's Army do their stuff again for England?
    Will France pull it off again without Betsen, Pelous and Dominici?
    How about Wales, with their new Jedi coaching set-up?
    Maybe the Paddies can beat last year's near miss?
    And er, the Jocks and Eyeties are playing too....

    what do YOU think?
  2. We all know that the mighty Welsh will prevail.....ahem.
  3. Kiss of death for any sporting team when I place a bet on them! But predictions for weekend 1 of the Six Nations:

    England 20 Wales 14
    Ireland 24 Italy 22
    Scotland 15 France 12

    France to win the Championship, Italy the wooden spoon
  4. The final will be england - ireland and will be a narrow win for england :)

    hopefully :p
  5. Well its got to be tonga - they are dead good at tiddlewinks, get your mortgage on it!!!
  6. I live in hope that Wales might pull it off, so I'll join one flew over in blind hope!
  7. England have France, Scotland and Italy away (tough). As always win your homes and a couple of good performances away and your in the mix.I don't think a grand slam is on the cards though.
    England have a few youngsters that need blooding now in order to be ready for the next world cup. Lets hope Brian Ashton has the courage to try some new combinations. Far better to loose a couple of games now,than to be as unprepared for the next world cup as we were for the last.
  8. shared championship with scotland, france and england
  9. Auld-Yin

    Auld-Yin LE Reviewer Book Reviewer Reviews Editor

    With the World Cup just finished and a lot of the squad players from that competition have retired (voluntarily or otherwise) and all teams are now in the process of building up a squad to take to the 2011 Worl Cup. This means that it will be difficult to pick out a winning team.

    I would love to see Scotland do it this year but I have to give Ireland that bit of edge, perhaps as a comeback for their poor World Cup performance.

    It will be very close IMO and my prediction is:

    1st - Ireland
    2nd= - England & France
    4th -Scotland
    5th -Wales
    6th -Italy
  10. I'd like to see Ireland do better than our poor performance in the world cup. They seem to benefit from being classed as underdogs so fingers crossed.
    Will be satisfied with the Scots if they beat Wales and Italy and put up a good fight with the English.
    I think it'll be between France and England for 1st place though.
  11. Hmm...Matt Dawson reckons Wales might go far...we can only hope!
  12. That'll be two of us that will be cheering Scotland then :D
  13. My predictions are:

    1 - England
    2 - France
    3 - Wales
    4 - Ireland
    5 - Italy
    6 - Scotland

    But I think it will be an open contest.
  14. Final?