6 Nations - Weekend 4

Discussion in 'Sports, Adventure Training and Events' started by royalmile, Mar 4, 2008.

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  1. Predictions for this weekend's matches:

    Ireland 15 v Wales 12
    Scotland 3 v England 28
    France 35 v Italy 18

    I have been way off mark so far (apart from Scotland's poor performances). I just hope that my Calcutta prediction is way out, but I suspect that Patterson will get flattened and Parks will come on to kick any Scottish possession to the England back 3.
  2. I think you're about right - my predictions:

    Wales v Ireland - too close to call but I reckon Wales will just pip it. Could be a very high scoring game.
    Scotland v England - England to win by 20 points unless they self destruct again and the Jocks have a Braveheart moment!
    France v Italy - France by a very large margin.
  3. Bog Trotters 25 Trogs 20
    Sweaties 6 Gods Chosen Men 30
    Heathens 30 Spaghetti 8
  4. I didn't know that the England squad are all Jewish... :wink:
  5. What paint their faces blue?
  6. ..or bare their arrses at the opposition. Could work...
  7. But only against the frogs or eyeties!!!
    Unless they made them look like sheep's arrses.

    OOOPs better go!
  8. Wouldn't work - us Welsh are well practised at running fast with hard-ons (either after sheep or away from irate farmers)! :wink:
  9. Thats what Ronan O'Gara did at Murrayfield last year and Eddie O'Sullivan claimed that it was attempted murder!
  10. Just heard that Danny Cipriani has been dropped from Saturday's match because he went on the p*ss last night. Still don't rate our chances even though Balshaw has been brought back into the England XV.
  11. oldbaldy

    oldbaldy LE Moderator Good Egg (charities)
    1. Battlefield Tours

    I was at the game & it was just in front of me, nothing dirty happenned. O'Sullivan was a bit of an arrse with his comments!
  12. Ashton has dropped Cipriani because he was seen leaving a nightclub by the press.

    It was his day off, the lad doesn't drink, and he just popped in to give some tickets to some of his muckers. Instead, they're letting Balshaw the turd back in at 15.

  13. Axed because he was not in by midnight!!!!!!

    Ashton must have misread the name Cipriani for Cinderella. What a shocking decision to recall Balshaw into the team. The Scots would have been worried with the original team, however they are now faced with the worst full back in the 6 Nations for many a year.

    We lost to Wales and Ashton survived, hopefully the Scots can do us all a favour and win the match by exposing Balshaw for the tosser that he is and Ashton can retire.
  14. I am sure we will try and do you the favour COatE! :D
  15. Word just in from Murrayfield, even the Scottish front row are practising "up-and-unders".....