6 Nations - third weekend

Discussion in 'Sports, Adventure Training and Events' started by codbutt, Feb 18, 2008.

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  1. Anyone care to suggest results for the 3rd weekend's 6 Nations games?

    I reckon:

    France 35 - England 20
    Wales 33 - Italy 15
    Ireland 25 - Scotland 10.

    Sorrry Jocks. Yer gonnae ha the spun!
  2. codbut - at least you think we will get our first try on the way to our spoon!
  3. of course - they can't rely on Paterson to keep on kicking Scotland to victory for ever!
  4. France v England - what will the second half be like as both teams have folded after the interval?

    I await the announcement of the Scotland team before I go along with the predicted score. If it's Parks at 10 and Henderson at 12 we won't score a try.
  5. Wales v italy? Up front battle but Wales to win, given that Italy have struggled to break the line in previous matches.
  6. Auld-Yin

    Auld-Yin LE Reviewer Book Reviewer Reviews Editor

    Aye, probably not far off, but I don't see any tries coming Scotland's way. If the froggies are up for it then England may struggle to get to 20, unless they go for constant penalties and rely on Lord Johnnie again.
  7. I think that score flatters England, if they carry on playing as badly in the second half as they have done in the previous two it's going to be a bad night.
    The French may not have been on top of their game but due to it being England and the world cup in their mind still they will raise their game.

  8. I think they may agree to call the game at half time to save either side the humiliation
  9. C'mon its the French, that alone will be worth more effort than other games - its in the Anglo-Saxon blood! Realistically both teams have got a new look that is not yet firing as it should however if things come off for both we may see the emergence of a new dominance in future rugby (at least Northern Hemisphere anyway)

    England 30 France 20
  10. England can't play as badly again (can they?)

    England to win , just in a low scoring game.
    Wales to beat Italy by 10+ points
    Ireland just to beat Scotland 5 points or less

    but I have been wrong before!
  11. I've just seen the Scotland squad. Basically no change and continue as we are (crisis - what crisis?). Oh well Eddie O'Sullivan's team will be ready for their unopposed training session on Saturday.
  12. learn from our mistakes

    take the game to the French very early on

    they seemed to have given up the ghost

    with us (Ireland) mid way through

    the 2nd half

    one more minuet and we would have won
  13. In centre of London on Saturday, can anyone suggest a good 'rugby pub' to watch the Ireland v Scotland match ...... although Scottish I'm guessing to get a good atmosphere this might require an Irish bar! Meeting Junior oldmuso so it can't be an over 21's.
  14. Try Waxy O'Connors (Wardour St) for a big, but intimate Irish bar with plenty of screens, guinness and tayto crisps. Perfect (if a little pricey).
  15. Thanks - just checked their website and it'll do the job nicely:)