6 Nations 2013

Discussion in 'Sports, Adventure Training and Events' started by the_guru, Jan 27, 2013.

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  1. A dedicated thread for this year's championship.

    Between France and England methinks.

    I've got a ticket for the England v Italy game.

    I'm treating it as a CTR for AvN.

    Not sure how Wales will turn out. Unpredictable. Same detail for Ireland.

    Scotland and Italy in a race to the bottom.
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  2. There are quite a few injuries in the Wales camp at the moment
  3. I think Wales will have to massively front up in their first game - if they don't win then they'll struggle for the rest of the Championship. If England can continue from where they left off against the All Blacks I doubt anyone will be able to get enare to them. problem is, they have to continue from where they left off against the All Blacks - still a lingering doubt over their consistency in my mind
  4. And England have had a couple of injuries too, one game against New Zealand does not a great team make. It looks an exciting championship for anybody who isn't Scottish. That said Scotland usually get a result against England once every 6-8 games so they theoretically are due. If they beat England they won't care if they loose to everybody else. Wales have been unlucky a couple of times against big sides, their recent Australia games are the sign that they can play against anybody and win. Italy, plucky underdogs, beat France in 2011, can't be discounted at home. Ireland have both England and France at home so that should be positive but I get the feeling that they are building. France - who knows - Champagne Rugby or Dire rubbish - flip a coin, that said they are the highest in the IRB rankings. They have England at Twickenham and their record playing there is pretty bad, on the other hand they have Wales at Stade De France.
  5. Was talking to a Welsh friend the other day and we reckon the Celtic nations are in for a hard time over the next few years. The English and French leagues seem to have all the money (TV rights) and as such are bleeding the other nations dry in terms of talent. Due to the success of Munster, Leinster etc. this has not been as big a problem in Ireland, however their crop of outstanding players is aging fast.I predict France and England battling for the 6 Nations for a few years to come. Notwithstanding the odd match going the way of the underdog.
    As usual I think home advantage will be key and England have to go to Wales and Ireland. All In all I think France will win the championship but no Grand slam.
    Oh and by the way there's still time to join the Arrse league.


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  6. Much as I hate to say it I have a niggling feeling that the Frogs will take it this year.
    As said if England hit the ground running they could Slam it, but consistency is their problem.
    First Six Nations games are always a bit of a lottery and the Jocks might get somewhere.
    Wales if they see the first couple of games go well can get somewhere, same with Ireland.

    Whatever happens I'm looking forward to it. EXCEPT I have an engagement that I can't really break all afternoon on the 23rd. England -France. BOLLOCKS!
  7. I think England will win it but I'm not confident of the Slam. They are still a young team and consistency is a problem. France and Wales are always teams that you cannot bet against. They are easily capable of tripping up a resurgent England if they bring their A game.
  8. For once, I am in complete agreement with you.

    I'm sure normal banter will commence when the tournament starts.
  9. Got free tickets to Scotland V Italy game through tickets for troops. Anyone know the best train station in staggering distance from Murrayfield? (travelling to and from Glasgow)
  10. Wales, with or without injuries, will always up their game against the English and should always be treated with respect.
    Scotland/Italy will be fighting to lick the spoon this year and my money is on the Scots, shame.
    The Irish always promise much but never really deliver, again unless against the English, so no slam there not this year.
    That leaves the French who for me will be the team to beat this year. Champions probably, Slammers maybe.
    Either way the next few months will be interesting. Can't wait!
  11. Ireland Triple Crown and Grand Slam, lots of new young players and their aunties light candles.
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  12. Auld-Yin

    Auld-Yin LE Reviewer Book Reviewer Reviews Editor

    I disagree that Scotland and Italy will be in a race for the coveted 'Spoon'. I am fully confident thy Scotland will retain ownership of this Trophy!

    I reckon that there will be no Slam this year.

    Top place will be a 3 way fight England/France/ Wales. England are home to France, so that will be the telling game.

    Ireland will, I'm afraid, just make up the numbers this year and come 4th or even 5th.
  13. I think France stand an excellent chance and they have a bit more consistency.

    I think match of the Tournament could well be Scotland vs Italy. Italy will have belief and Scotland will have pride. In fact I reckon Italy will provide most of the exciting games although they wont win more then 2 if they're really on form.

    Ireland you have to wait for the first fixture, if they beat Wales away then they will go on to be a force. I think it'll be Wales, England, France for the first round but I think Wales will be a close call and could go either way.

    I'm looking forward to the Rest of The World exhibition match on 16th March, it will be great to see so many nations get together for a festival of champagne rugby.
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  14. England for my money. Can't wait!
  15. Glasgow Queen Street - Edinburgh Haymarket is quickest route, Haymarket is also staggering distance. Bar at Haymarket to refresh yourself before a 10-15min walk with the crowd along to Murrayfield (via another pitstop in the bar the masses will invariably walk past round the corner from stadium). If you get off at Haymarket you won't miss the crowd going to the stadium. Out door, turn left.

    Just as easy on the way back.
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