6 Months between Operations and Discharge

Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by TheCatCjt, Dec 18, 2012.

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  1. I am sure that you need to have 6 months between returning from Operations and discharge. If this is true does the 6 months start from completion of Post Tour Leave or from the date that you get back from theatre.

    Does any one know where the policy for this type of issue is written down?
  2. Try the Mounting Instruction for the Tour. ISTR that the MOD have to have a really good reason for deploying someone in their last six months.
  3. If yuo have served for 6 years or more, it's 6 months on return from ops. If you have done less than 6 years, it's 4 months. No mention of POL, just "on return from ops".
  4. That's bollocks.

    Show me where it says that.
  5. Mounting Order, Annex K (J1 Instruction) Para 76 (page K-15)...assuming you have DII?
  6. 'Fraid not. I've been a civilian for almost a month now. You obviously know better than me though.
  7. Lucky you. Well, it is in there, always has been but probably rarely "implemented".
  8. I'll give you that one. "Exingencies of the service" or something else always gets in the way.
  9. There is a DIN or JSP somewhere that states in your last 6 months of service you must be stationed in the uk prior to discharge. I can't remember where it is or what it's called but it does exist. Two of my mates have had to produce it to prove to the powers that be.

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  10. I have seen that one before, I think it actually says home base, so would include Germany, NI etc. With the UK being subject to approval of a Final Tour of Duty eligibility and approval.
  11. the six months can be waivered by the individual and not the unit.

    Post operational leave(POL) is part of the operation as this cover the Post operational stress management(POSM) policy land standing orders.

    You now have to complete the JPA form F024 (final tour of duty) to have your last six months in UK or hombase and completed in penultimate assignment, if not you cannot claim disturbance or removals and any other allowances for you last assignment.