6 month tour of Kenya

Discussion in 'REME' started by celldweller, Feb 12, 2008.

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  1. Flying out soon, anyone got any information on what to expect? all help would be fantastic!

    :D cd
  2. riots, no R and R
  3. The fact that no one bothers with the malaria tablets after 2 weeks of getting there!

    Dont do what i did and go to Mombasa on the last weekend of your tour, only to end up in Nairobi Hospital (not advisable at the moment!) and airlifted back to UK after being in a Land Rover crash on the way back to Nairobi! :cry:
  4. Get yourself on a safari, always wear a condom and keep away from the cleavers/machetes
  5. ........and Hep A.........and Hep B.....and AIDS.........and TB.........and - ah, fck it! Just read Blacks Medical Dictionary.
  6. take lots of condoms. and beer.
  7. usually Condoms are on the Junior Ranks bar, next to the Tusker Beer!
  8. CH5120, your trip to Nairobi hospital wasn't in 1994 by any chance?
  9. Aids and Tusker, oh and a few majestic wooded carvings that will gradually turn into sawdust!
  10. Get to The Sportsmans' if it's still there.
  11. Or Florida 2000, spent a few good nights there