6 month pre deployment restriction

Discussion in 'Officers' started by happysapper558, Jun 23, 2011.

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  1. Does anyone know if it's a fact you are not allowed to sign off 6 months or less before a tour starts?

    I have never heard that but apparently it's true. Is it in the regs or the contract we sign?

    Would be a great help if someone can give a definitive answer.
  2. I think this sort of thing may have been imposed in some brigades/units. You are best off asking your chain of command. Try asking your SSM/OC.
  3. It will be imposed in my unit but is it an actual rule where there is some kind of legislation in place? When ever i try to get confirmation of it i just get told 'yeah there is a 6 month restriction in place so you cant sign off when you originally wanted to' but i am yet to see anything in writing where it states this is true.
  4. I would submit a service complaint if your request to leave was denied by a "local" rule. Your Adj will be able to provide the ground truth in accordance with the service regulations.
  5. Not sure what the rule is now but it used to be that you could sign off as long as you would have at least 6 months left to serve after the tour and POTL.
  6. Cheers guys i'll chase it a bit further and hopefully get a definitive answer 1 way or the other asap.
  7. The purpose of this sort of 'rule' is to ensure unit cohesion during the most critical phases of the operational cycle. While you could get all trades union about it and start rocking the boat, you should understand that it is being done for the good of your unit (your mates) and while it may not suit you personally, the Army is not just about you.

    If you want to sign off during this period, speak to your chain of command now. If it is not already too late (normally before you have started MST), they may either post you or take you out of the deploying ORBAT (onto rear party). This is so that you don't leave a hole in your unit's ORBAT in the middle of the tour (or just before or just after). If you can't bare the idea being posted or on rear party, suck it up because you are staying until you have completed the tour and POTL.
  8. And on that point, the Army should be able to cope without him at any time. Without being glib, what happened if he broke his ankle the week before he deployed?

    On less provocative note - how do you introduce new joiners to the Regiment whilst they are deployed? Is there a closed period for new joiners/leavers for the year or so that it takes to complete the entire period of a HERRICK rotation?
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  9. Those joining a unit just prior, or during, the tour just have to a minimum PDT and then RSOI when they arrive. Their 'gap' in training can be absorbed by the majority of the unit/sub-unit having gone through the full MST. I think this is generally ok, but I am aware of at least one ground holding unit on Op H10 which had a changeover of every sub-unit commander less the BC mid tour, risk was acknowledged, but it could be perceived to be rather shaky.
  10. Just sign-off, even if it could ordinarily be stopped there is no chance in the current clinate - simple.

    The morality of the issue is really dependent on context and why you are intending to delay signing off until 6 months prior to the deployment. If it is simply to avoid the tour then you should grow a pair and sign off immediately, if you're not prepared to deploy then you shouldn't draw the pay. On the other hand however; if you have done a couple of tours and are leaving at that point for personal reasons (e.g even something simple like needing to wait to save enough for a house deposit) then all this 'the Army is not just about you' stuff is unfair; but in any case it is reasonable to inform your CoC that you are intending to sign off in order that they can allocate troops to task.

  11. I'm not delaying signing off in order to draw pay. Cannot sign off immediately as i am on a trade restriction. made it clear before i knew tour dates that i intend to sign off when i'm going to. Members of troop staff have been fine with this and are working on sorting it for me.

    Cheers for comments
  12. I thought it was to prevent the soldier leaving the Army unable to take their resettlement?

    After all 6 build up, POTL and tour don't leave a great deal of time fore CTWs etc.
  13. If you do wish to leave beforehand, after you have 'pressed the button' you can submit an application for early release. In the current climate these things are being okayed in circumstances where they most certainly would not have been 2 years ago.

    If your'e not bothered about hastening your departure then fair enough - someone has to form 'rear party'.
  14. This rather depends on the trade. If it is a pinch point trade then the army will be extremely unlikely to grant immediate release. On the basis that the original poster mentions that he still has a mandated return of service, this may apply in this case.

    Either way, this issue is within the gift of the chain of command. Grow a pair and discuss it with them. If they tell you that you can't sign off until after the tour because you are required for it and this rule is reflected in writing (orders) and is applied universally (at least to your trade group), then prepare to suck it up.
  15. Interestingly I am aware of a recent case where application for early release was not supported by the CoC or APC but was nevertheless authorised by DM(A) - despite undermanning in that rank & trade.

    I would hope that OPP trades are dealt with differently.