6 Month Acting Rank held during H16, will this help increase my final payout?

Discussion in 'Armed Forces Redundancy Scheme 2010' started by canadianwannabee, Jan 20, 2013.

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  1. i was given my acting rank of LCpl during my deployment to afghan and i have been given voluntary redundancy. Will i get an increase in my final payout? as i have held this higher rank position during my last 12 months in the army. i reverted back to Pte after the tour

  2. Oh dear.........................................!
  3. No

    End of thread.
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  4. Wouldn't have thought so mate. Google the redundancy calculator and bang your details in for a rough idea of your payout. If you're going on Tranche 2 you should know what you're going to get by now.
  5. I have done the calculator but it just asks me outright if i hold acting rank but not the exact period held. I have received my offical forecast and it says exactly the same amount. I have taken into consideration of what it will be at Pte rate and anything extra is a bonus. On leave at the moment
  6. You have to have held acting rank for at least two years in your last five years of service for it to count towards anything.

  7. Will get in contact with SPVA when i get off leave to sent me out a correct forecast

    Thanks, most appreciated
  8. drama queen!
  9. Shouldn't Tranche 2 volunteers be gone by now? Their 6 months was up on 12/12/12.
  10. It's only 6 months if they were volunteers. Otherwise, they were given 12 months if selected

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  11. as i deployed to afghan my six months starts after POTL finishes
  12. An odd bod then. Speak to your RAO, they have the answers. Have you been given all the briefs and info packs?
  13. See your PM.
  14. PM sent