6 Med Regt??

Had a very good chat with an old friend yesterday who has suggested a possible 6th Med Regt...this is intentionally directed at those in the know...is this happening? If so, where and when?? probably finger in the air questions but very interesting all the same.

Those not in the know are welcome to hazard their guesses :)
Ive heard this aswell from reasonably high up the chain! From what ive heard it will be up in Fulwood Brks preston, Yes i know complete madness for moving 5 from fulwood to cattrick to then form a new regt in fulwood!
How about this for an off the wall thought.

1. Election in May 10.
2. Foreign policy review followed or in parallel with a Defence review.
4. Take into account cutbacks in TA training and their difficulties in reaching manning.
5. 2 x regular Sqns (+) already in Fulwood.
6. A 6th Bde coming online.

Manning to come from three “other units” and the (+) element already at Fulwood.

Even a visually impaired man can see the outcome here. No sales policy required as all of those who should be listening/require the idea selling to them will be well gone.

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