6 Main Section Battle Drills

Discussion in 'The Training Wing' started by bataz, Jun 30, 2009.

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  1. A question for the more experienced members or lads currently at ITC.
    When I was at Chosen Man we had a lesson on the 6 main section battle drills. Can anybody confirm that my understanding is what we will be taught at ITC? I just dont want to learn it then find out i've remembered it wrong, heres what I recall from the lesson.

    1. Prep - PAWPERSO
    Personal Camo
    Specialist Equipment

    2. React to effective enemy fire

    3. Locate the enemy

    4. Surpress the enemy

    5. Attack the enemy

    6. Re-group - PACESSDO
    Ammuntion check
    Casualty check
    Equipment check
    Sit rep
    Dig in

    Does this sound right?
  2. msr

    msr LE

  3. Your PACESDO is wrong. There is no Sitrep. Only 1 S.

    Dig In/Deploy (more likely to deploy)
  4. Reaction to Effective Enemy Fire; Return immediate fire, Take cover, Return accurate fire (RTR)

    Enemy Location; find the enemy, then IC issues a fire control order; Group, Range, Indication, Type of fire (GRIT), issued as if talking to foreigners (Clear, Loud, As an order, with Pauses; CLAP)

    The Attack is split into the Approach, the Assault and the Fight Through; this and the concept of bases of fire will be explained to you at basic.

    PACESDO only needs one S because your section cdr won't need reminding to issue a sitrep; the pl scaley will be in his ear constantly badgering him for it. 2IC is responsible for searchers, any PW captured, CASAM and overseeing digging of shell scrapes if necessary, and making the section cdr aware of the above. Remember that it's a reorg at platoon level.
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  5. Cheers lads, much appreciated.