6 killed as gunman opens fire in US Council

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by jest265, Feb 8, 2008.

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  1. Guarantee someone will say “If everyone was armed, he wouldn’t have been able to kill as many people; he might not have even made it to the council building!”

    Weird people! Why do we hardly ever hear of this sort of thing in Switzerland, they have a huge amount of guns in public hands.
  2. You do, but it's normally members of their armed forces commiting suicide. They don't tend to take anyone else out with them.
  3. Probably why domestic / armed robbery is sow low over there, would be robbers know there is a bloody good chance of looking down some 'victims' barrel.

    Bad news for the Swiss is that they are 'calling in' most of the guns that are held including ex forces, who were traditionally issued a weapon to be held at home in the event of a national armed call out.

    It'll be interesting to see what happens when the only people who hold firearms are the criminals as it is over here ( Excluding highly vetted FAC holders and semi autos are still banned even for them) Nope, the only people to hold a 9mm here these days, are the fuzz and the criminals. :roll: :wink:

    Edit to add; and of course MPs but the same laws don't aply to them as we all know.
  4. Isn’t it law that every Swiss man owns a rifle, because everyone over 16 is automatically in the Swiss militia?

    Am I confused with another country?
  5. Not from this year.
  6. oh no... :(
  7. There are widely varying State laws concerning ownership and use of firearms. However not exactly a strong point in Missouri

  8. The US does not have a gun problem.

    Yes, clearly...
  9. It doesn't, there's ferkin loads of them. :D
  10. I bet you that this building was a gun free zone.

    Funny how the spree killers gravitate towards them. Why might that be?
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