6 in 10 soldiers "alcoholics"

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by WalterWarry, Dec 22, 2008.

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  1. "The report found that more than six in 10 soldiers had six or more drinks in any one session, with one in five admitting they were unable to stop drinking once they started."

    From all the functions I have been to in 21 years, I would say this is very wrong.

    I would put it at 99 in 100.
  2. Definitely gone down since the 80's then.
  3. Aren't they struggling to differentiate between binge drinking and alcoholism ? :thumbdown:
  4. What they fail to mention is the other 4 out of 10 being on Dry tours! :)
  5. Not this old bollox again. It was established many moons ago that a majority of soldiers are social drinkers. The fact that there is nearly always some form of socialising going on means that there is a lot of drink to be had.

    Papers bored?

    Nothing to report?

    Need an easy target?
  6. Personally I think all this stuff about youngsters now binge drinking is rubbish. I remember 30 years ago going out and getting leathered on snakebite and anything else we could get our hands on - it's just a rite of passage and has been going on for centuries.
  7. The study, conducted in November last year, interviewed more than 100 soldiers at three locations - Redford Barracks in Edinburgh, Longmoor Camp in Hampshire and Larkhill Camp in Wiltshire

    mmm.. 100 sodiers, that's a high number for any research NOT! Longmoor has a huge cadet and TA element so when did they ask the questions? Redford has a hight transient population, so bored as well? Naff research, end off.
  8. Well, since for about 99% of the history of the British Army the issue of Rum was a neccessity, I'd say the 21st Century Army is slacking..... ;-)
  9. Larkhill? Christ I'm driven to drink by the mention of that place......only stayed there once for 24 hours and I was driven to the demon booze!
  10. I've no doubt the Tribune Post AD25 was carrying stories like "5th Legion off their chebs in Gaul orgy, engravings pp. II,III,IV"

    Soldiers drink, and they've been doing it since the dawn of time.

    The key is getting across the drinking responsibly message, and no one can say that the Forces don't take getting that message across seriously. Just pick up any copy of Soldier, or look at the message box of your payslips , especially at this time of the year.
  11. I admit to being on of the weak ones................
    One bottle of vodka and I'm useless at brain surgery!
  12. Nothing new.... about 25 percent of the Squaddies in BAOR in the 1960s were probably Alkies, or certainly had problems with alcohol. Many of those same soldiers are probably dead or totally f*cked up now....

    Probably the same could be said for the Warsaw Pact armed forces as well. Mainly made up of poorly paid and trained national service personnel, the only thing to take away the boredom was to get drunk... so nothing really new there.

    The same is probably for the all three of the armed Froces. This goes back into History. Certainly British Army soldiers were always notorious for their drunken behaviour outside barracks in certain Garrison towns going back hundreds of years. Possibly the same for the Royal Navy, especially in the days of the Press-gang of Nelson's day.
  13. Indeed there is so many alcoholics in the Army that 60% can not be deployed to hot, dusty and dry areas for 6 months at a time......