6 fingered kids in Faluja

:( I see on the news there are kids being born in Faluja with 6 fingers on each hand as a result of chemicals used by the American military during the conflict. I feel for these poor blighters, after all, it's hardly their fault!
I have a mate who runs a farm and is always on the lookout for workers to help pick his brussel sprouts, I think I'll bell him tonight. Also, my banjo could do with re-tuning. Anyone else out there want to help?
mucus2 said:
Does Jordan know?

Reckon she could take six fingers........

And yes, I would!
whats the difference between jordan and a kit kat ?

you only get four fingers in a kit kat !!

closes door as he leaves thread in shame ......
What chemicals would the Yanks have realeased?

Could some of these mutants not be caused perhaps by lack of nutrients in their diet?

Wasn't there a case where children started being born with tails? Basically an overdeveloped cocx caused by lack of vits and mins.... it was perfectly fine. Unless they started spitting fire.

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