6 Days - Iranian hostage film.

Discussion in 'Films, Music and All Things Artsy' started by blackmetallic, Apr 18, 2017.

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  1. Mr Happy

    Mr Happy LE Moderator

    a little bit of wee just came out
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  2. A nice touch that they've sourced the correct SMG's for the plates and the hooligans had replaced the majority of their waffle mags for the curved ones so that looks gen.

    If I'm honest though I don't care about 100% accuracy, the correct period vehicles or if Big Teeth Bill was wearing the correct pants as long as it's a good film.
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  3. chrisg46

    chrisg46 LE Book Reviewer

    Always meant to ask when seeing the historical photos - what are the leather type jackets They wear? Fireproof clothing?

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  4. Does someone kick Kate Adie in the minge in this one? That would be nice.
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  5. Going off the trailer I have the (disappointing) impression that a lot of the dialogue will be the of the whispering hardman come whispering gangster style so favoured in British dramas. It is an embarrassing and over used device. Hopefully I am wrong but we will see. Even the corny Body and Doyle, knockabout deadpan banter was better than that.
  6. My mate Chalky said that most of the lads on that job went to Harrow and used Polo terminology to describe their progress through the building. When that Walrus looking paedo caught fire the rest of the lads just chortled at how common he sounded.
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  7. In the interests of accuracy did the balcony hopper have a mag pouch stuffed full of child porn?
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  8. Abbie Cornish plays Kate Adie - nude pics are available online.

    You may be pleased to learn Martin Shaw (Doyle) appears. No nudes online...thankfully.
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  9. Will U.S. forces rush to the attack or something, as is the standard rewrite fare of Hollywood...

    Though from watching the trailer, I am steeling myself to be disappointed, as is the case with so many remakey types.
  10. That wasn't wee.

    The assault vests worn were leather to make them more fire resistant.
    Didn't they also wear hoods from old pattern NBC suits (the Mk with a separate hood) as protection against CS?

    I remember watching this as a boy on TV, in the good old days before every bluffing man and his dog became part of the SAS and the shelves in book stores were only half full.

    I just hope it's not going to be ruined by being made to suit a "progressive" audience.
    There should be a Fijian face or two amongst the balcony hooligans so that should be enough for the box tickers.
  11. I believe his moustache was still damp with children's tears.
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  12. A walk into Waterstones yesterday and straightaway spotted a book near the front with SAS in large letters on the cover, I didn't look any more closely than that. This must be one of the most written about secret organisations ever.
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  13. Would like to see a Mirbat film too
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  14. Mr Happy

    Mr Happy LE Moderator

    Having read Soldier I and I guess 2 or other 3 books which included the "MP5 misfire, resort to browning at point blank", the PC's "they just pumped bullets into his head" and the "drag him back inside and headjob him" rumours, I wonder which way they'll go with some of the darker side. The hero's all look terribly nice boys.

    In other news, I predict a short run on moustaches this summer..