6 cs bn reme 3 armd coy

Greetings from Arizona - Looking for the logo for 6 CS Bn REME, 3 ARMD COY - Google isn't helping out that much. Thanking you in advance... J.D. Davis
The Companies don't have logo's but the 6 Bn logo is an anvil
IIRC, Pre 2007 the companies did have logos. Before they became 3 and 14 armd, back when they were GS and CS. I'm pretty sure that 3 armd had the desert rat.
As I stated prior - google isn't helping out - that is why I am posting here. If you have a suggestion as to where to look; I would appreciate the insight.
It does help. Hence why I said it, I wasn't being sarcastic. Try Googling '6 Bn REME anvil' and its there as the first image
As a search engine; I use Yahoo - when I have looked for images; it goes to a site that shows metal sculptures - It does show an anvil for 6 Bn - as close as I have gotten to an image. But Sparky8, is there an actual badge that you are aware of? I tried what you suggested above as far as Google is concerned, and is as vague to me as Yahoo - am I missing something -

On the side; I was not trying to be a d*** - just stating facts as I see it. J.D. - ( P.S. I do appreciate the help by the way )
Keep juggling the search terms. For some reason the badge was there in images but I can't find it now, don't know why.
There was an OC for 3 armd who found the 3 armd badge and gifted it to the company when he left. I'm sure he was having a flag made for us? It was a white crusaders shield with a Red Cross on the front. May have had a sword. I will try and find this for you.
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