6 cs bn reme 3 armd coy

Discussion in 'REME' started by J.D., Aug 22, 2012.

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  1. Greetings from Arizona - Looking for any information on this unit and its 'where-abouts' during the 1990's - stations, locations, tours, etc... especially experiences with Series 3 FFR's - Thank you for your time - J.D. Davis - 49GF85 - Also - info on 3 FD WKSP during the 80's -
  2. All I know is;

    The CS for 6 Bn was located in Sipovo during the mid 1990's.

    Sorry i don't know more about it, but you can find an article on 6 Bn's antics in the Automotive Engineer Magazine, 1996. It's an article written by Bob Morrison... If nobody who actually served with 6 Bn during this time then you could always contact the REME Museum here at Arborfield Garrison as they have all that info in their archives.
  3. Hi JD, 3 Field Workshop later 3 Armd Coy was stationed in Tidworth, Wiltshire during the 90's and were deployed to Bosnia 97 and Kosovo 1999.

  4. Are you sure? I thought it was 7 bn, in the Steel Factory (or whatever it was?)
  5. Yep sure, I arrived 97, whilst they were deployed and froze my ass off in 99 seeing in the y2k...joy of joys
  6. Me too, with the RGJs
  7. What I am doing is backtracking; or trying to do, connect unit history on a '75 RHD Series III 109' FFR - When I got the MERLIN, it read:
    QM'S DEPT 100 REGT RA (V) Date in Service 01/07/75 - 3 FD WKSP in 1988, then the 6 CS BN REME 3 ARMD COY up to mid-to-late 1997, where it then ended up at Blackbushe late 97 - What I am trying to do is figure out how these 'tie' in to each other; and account for the amalgamation of most units - supposedly, the vehicle; made a quick trip to Bosnia from what I was informed - now whether or not it did is another question - But with that being said; would they have rapidly deployed an old rover like that before procuring exactly what mission demanded? Also - what would the unit ID's be on the above? ( the two-element monikers divided by the ' / ' ) Again, thank you all for the help.
  8. Unless it was an air-portable series 3 with the petrol engine (they were fast as ****, i got 105 out of mine!) then i seriously doubt it. My unit (and i was with the bleeps, so they had plenty of FFR's) got rid of their series 3's by the end of 94, the only ones they had were the air-portables because they were petrol with a V8 and used to fly, so no one wanted to give them up until forced to.
  9. Jd the tie in to both locations would be Base Vehicle Depot, Ashchurch. The vehicle would of been recycled through that station from the artillery and issued to the REME Battalion. As the good old series 3 was phased out by the 90/110 Defender range the vehicle would of been returned to BVD to be disposed of through military sales.
  10. Really great information; the vehicle is a 2.25 petrol, and has the lifting eyes - the ones that you can run a d-ring to - ( not the rings ) - I did see a picture of a Chinook with a 109' and a Sankey trailer slung under - so I know that it was done - I will try to make contact with Base Vehicle Depot and see if I can receive any or more info - not every road is a dead end...
    Now; were there sub ( or minor) units that would have been attached to the other units that would not be mentioned on the MERLIN? Ie: Did 6 CS BN have other smaller groups attached to them? And if so, where would information on them be found? As I am not that informed on such, I need to educate myself. Thank you all for your time. - J.D.