Hi everyone.
I have just received my posting order to go to 14 Fd Wksps 6 Bn REME in Tidworth. (Good ol posting Pref. I asked for 1st line RA, or 1st line in London. Oh well)
I just thought this would be a good place to find out about it. I have looked on the Army website. It seems 1 & 2 Bns have homepages, but 6 Bn has nothing.
What do you people know about it?
All I know at the moment is the RSM, and it's in Tidworth.
Anyone know what the SLA is like? The Scoff anygood? Whats the naafi like? Where do ya go out for a jar or 2?
Any info you lot can give me would be much appreciated.

47 Regt RA - Wksp :D
sorry mate , but tidworth is a f**king sh**hole. i spent 2 years there with the engineer regiment , and i can safely say that the only place that sucked more than tidworth was nienburg.the only entertainment available is playing guess what mob is on tour, by seeing which pads wives are out on the pull in "the ram."
Fcuk! :x
Just what I thought would be the reply. I was secretly hoping that it was all just a nasty rumor, and that it is maybe actually a really nice place. Lol.
the problem is location , it's really in the middle of nowhere , the nearest towns are andover and salisbury , neither of them are bad towns , in fact salisbury is lovely , it's just the aggro involved in getting there, don't mean to sound negative , you might get there and find it's ok but i can only go on personal experience.
"the ram."

aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaagh, The Ram
Fair Enough
Cheers anyway.

Anyone else no anything about 6 Bn
I would like to hear replies like "The ASM is a wonderfull guy who likes to give everyone modays off" or "They pay you extra for having to live in Tidworth, it's like london waiting but twice as much"
You know things like that
shortfuse said:
you see , the armourer knows that the only place worse than the ram is............... THE DRUMMER AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAARGH!!!
THE DRUMMER...................OH FACKING HELL, THE DRUMMER...now where's me flick knife and knuckledusters
"the only entertainment available is playing guess what mob is on tour, by seeing which pads wives are out on the pull in "the ram." :lol: :lol: :lol:

Ohhhhhh, Good post, wetting myself over here!

Sooo true, when working out of Boscombe Down - you could tell the menfolk were away on account of the sheer numbers of the 'Ron-Hills & White High Heels Club' acting like the Fat Slags from Viz, tottering down the hill from the NAAFI shop, past burger shop and down to the RAM. I always used to wonder how many vulnerable 'NIG' singlies would get eaten alive that night!

Ah the memories, they only move the teeth arms around to prevent Tidworth beating Alabama in the inter-bred stakes!
and is the chinky still there , oh my god , they got closed down 3 times whilst i was there , major , major biohazard.that was my first posting, so guess who had to run down the hill from perham down with a hooooooooj chinky order every facking night , hope it poisoned the b*stards!!!!
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