JollyGoodShow1 said:
I don’t know how or were to start this, as there are so many “good ideas” emanating from the unit, that the list is endless!!

However I’ll start with “LEAN” lines, anyone with a modicum of sense would have run this one through the thesaurus first. “LEAN” translates into many other meanings, but the one that stands out is BEND OVER, and isn’t that what the unit has done!

How about this then, the unit is so busy buggering up everyone else’s kit that it forgets to carryout EC on its own kit!

Another hot topic at the moment, are IST’s. Great idea, but it only really works once the Force Packaging process has taken place, and should not be replicated in camp!

The last item to keep you thinking is the BOSS (Brigade One Stop Shop). Once again, a great idea, with one floor, when you visit this font of knowledge, your met by some very under worked and over paid individuals, who have to work in a large group so they can figure out how to turn the lights on in the morning! This work area should be left to those people who know what they are doing!
Bending over we have certainly NOT done; as with buggering up other peoples kit, not intentionally! We never forgot our own kit, we just didn't focus on it for long enough to make a difference, being too busy looking after everyone elses. All my lads have worked their balls off and even now are working their balls off in order to put things right before Christmas leave.

IST's are good if used correctly and more importantly,managed correctly by the requesting units once they arrive. Even the old 'n' bold like me have seen the positive use they can and will provide. Requesting units should stipulate accurately what they want in order that we can send the right skill sets to complete the task.

The BOSS, under some good management is working well and maturing nicely. A tough year for the Bn but we're pulling through and getting there me thinks!!!!!
It seems, jollygoodshow1, that you have an axe to grind where the Bn is concerned. I would agree that there has been many changes and ideas emerging and not all have been the most sensible. Still that said, it is clear that from the response of our dependant units they are greatfull for all the work that has been put in. The Bn has managed to turn around some real horlix over that last month and the blokes should recieve nothing but praise for their effort.

There are very few people that turn up each day to do a bad job so any mistakes caused should be used as a learning process so we don't make the same errors again. As for our own kit a lack of understanding and education is as much to blame as any thing else. People believe they are doing the right thing however, the ECI uncovered that we were not. Still again we are begining to turn it around. That in REME is what we are good at.

The people who have difficulty turning the lights on can take some of the credit. As for over paid and under worked, well I see you posted your comment at 5.25 when a good number of those individuals were working along with the rest of the Bn until 19.00 hrs. When I have been in there my questions have been dealt with effectively. Also if you would like to put your technical knowledge to the test then I would sugest that there are few people in the BOSS that would give you a good run for your money. You could, of course, always show them how to turn on the light, however many are a lot brighter than you!

We all wear the same cap badge and strive for the same thing and thats to do good job. A little team effort can go along way.

Stumps I am with you on this one.

My my JGS, someone needs a hug. Thanks for that enlightning look into our world, unfortunately I did not get to read it until now because I was still being over paid to do some work until 1745 this wonderful friday evening. I would have finished quicker if I could have just worked out how to turn off the light. I used a chair to reach it in the end, I learned that in a command task once.

Stumps, Focus, thank god there is someone else in our Battalion not prepared to roll over when faced with an onslaught of, what appears to me, to be an unresearched rant.

Finally , thanks to those greatful four units who said thank you yesterday for our recent efforts.

Happy Days!
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