6 BN REME Super Top Trump card

Discussion in 'REME' started by deckchairarmy, Dec 13, 2007.

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  1. Congratulations to 6 BN REME for getting their own Top Trump card for the Fighting Units of the British Army Top Trumps pack


    The only problem is I have no idea where to get it from. If any of the guys in the REME know where to get it or have any of the cards please contact me. Many thanks. Nick
  2. You can get them from here:Amazon
  3. Thanks.

    However I didn't make this point clear This is a one off card separate from the pack. It is a promotional card that is not in the 30 cards within the pack. It must have been given away with something. It is the second super card for this pack. The first was given away with the Sunday Times. I am only trying to find this card not the whole pack.

    Many thanks for your help anyway though. Nick
  4. Mega! does that mean that 6 is the top reme battalion????

  5. nope, they've just got jim w, he's the bomb!
  6. They have Jimmy D too! The Badge!
  7. I Have one! If you send me enough cash i will sell it to you!
  8. 6 Bn as a top fighting unit in the British Army?
    I was at 6 Bn.....we're all doomed!!!
  9. I got a pack of these off my bro for chrimbo, it's gonna annoy the feck out of the lads at naafi break!
  10. After searching long and hard for this card, I have been e-mailed this statement about the 6 BN Reme Super Top Trump card:

    "it was produced as a surprise present for the
    battalion who were serving in Iraq at the time."

    My understanding of this is that members of the 6 BN Reme were given copies of this card around December when the Fighting Units pack was just being released. If any kind souls have or know of anyone in the 6 BN Reme who has received this card and wants to part with it, please PM me.

    Can I just emphasize again that this card is separate to the main pack and only seems to have been given out to members of the 6 BN Reme.

    Any help with this would be gratefully received. Many thanks!!
  11. I know the guy who had these produced and he's still got quite a few left, so if anyone wants one let me know and we'll sort something out.
  12. i have one...
  13. I was at 6 Bn 95/98 it was just trump

  14. Is it the Joker??? 8O
  15. Why doesn't someone make a set of REME unit top trumps ? There would be some interesting 1st line vs 2nd line arguments.