6 Bat / Tidworth

Discussion in 'REME' started by Army_Rizzle, Dec 10, 2007.

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  1. Whats it like. Just got my posting through. Hear its the new accomadation?
  2. Spent two years at your new next door neighbours (215 Sig Sqn). You'll be lucky on Z-Type, it's was very old accomodation when I was there (2003/04) and they were claiming that it couldn't be upgraded because they were listed buildings.
  3. New accom being built as we speak should be ready early next year.

    Big re shuffle about to take place within the Bn. Not that it concerns me much as I'm posted in Jan :D

    When you posted in, What trade are you?
  4. RSM and QM are both top blokes. Two of the best I've ever had the priviledge to work with.
  5. Ah! that's nice E_C

  6. Cheers mate! :D
  7. A shiny new Tescos has just opened on Station Rd so no more going to Andover for the shopping.
  8. Fooking hell, they'll have electric there next 8O

    Is that in place of the NAAFI?
  9. Soon to be a Subway and a Wilkinsons too.

    I'm going to start queuing now for a footlong meatball.
  10. Move into z-types in march (on paper that is :p), accomidation at the mo is ok though :p