6 Armd Wksp

Since I joined ARRSE I have noticed that 6 Armd gets a few mentions,
I was there late 80's and think it was brill!!!!!
How many of us, that served there, are still serving?
Just a simple I WAS THERE will do.

:lol: packs
It was my first ever posting back in Nov 92 !! pure quality as well.

back in Munster again and it is now a retail park, the cookhouse is now a bedding shop, probably tastes the same though !! :D
I was There

Apr 89 to Sept 92 Optronics. Loved the place.

edited to add
BTW is daleRoch an indication of location if so seem to remember there were a few of us from that neck of the woods at the time.
Thought that 6 had some great sections FRG, LAD, V&G, RAOC & RCT were great bunch of lads - christ Optronics were even decent!!! - remember Wobopoly the drinking board game they had? Great times had there - You dont get places like that any more!
Never posted there but left bits of my liver there during visits. Only get a donors card at a Bn nowadays.
Asuman said:
I was there 1982 - 84, one of the better Units I have served with. The RSM was one of the best the Corps has seen.
Did you know ***Name deleted***, good rugby centre, and all round good-egg?


We visited on sunday lunchtimes when 20 DM would get 4 or 5 of us ratted on Grolsch at 70 pfennigs a bottle! Thanks lads and the only rules were dont throw up in the urinals. Nice REME boys!
anyone interested in a reunion? PM me if you are
Was there 89 - 92.

Endearing memory must be one Xmas in the JRC.... SK projectile vomiting in a pint glass as the kids all ran in for their Xmas party!! Massive vomit blowback in his face, over shoulders and alles uber... ahhh, the young, innocent, confused looks he got will live with me forever!

Zippy483... not IH is it?
Cracklenose said:
remember Wobopoly the drinking board game they had?
I wasn't there, can you expand on that please, sounds like fun :D
unclebink said:
Zippy483... not IH is it?
It is, who's that then?

Can't say how much I enjoyed that posting, great unit (mostly for the extra curriculars), great people in the main, and Munster is a superb town.

I Remember Wobopoly but bolloxed if I can remember anything about the rules as was usually bolloxed before during and after play, stick to shock its easier to remember :D
Optronics 92 - closing.

Some good guys at 6 Armd, but an awful lot of complete tools.

"what happened in the bar, stayed in the bar"? Like feck it did.

Thieving barmen, and the cnut who stole my dossbag (and my mates) when we returned from BATUS in 92.

Without a doubt my worst posting.

Some good times though, because no posting is completely bad.

I remember catching zippy483 in hand to gland combat "Oops, sorry 'I', I will come back in a bit" "OK mate, see you in a while"
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