6 armd wksp old boys club!

Discussion in 'REME' started by jibman, Apr 15, 2007.

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  1. any old 6 armd boys post on here or have they all contracted sirrocis and died in their own gush and spew!!! :wink:
  2. ex 12 Armd so ive still got my marbles, shit what did i do with my slippers and cocoa.
  3. 6 armd frg...............fcuk i,ve got the liver to prove it!!!! :D
  4. 12 Armd FRG here why did they ever get rid of the FRG block on the prairie in Canada, I still remember the REME coloured Gopher that was spray painted. The good life but need the next two years to fly by to get the fcuk out of this job and get my pension.
  5. great days,the corps changed a lot,i got out a few years ago but its still a great brotherhood,i keep in touch with a few blokes i served with,some serving and others on the other side.6 armd was a scream and i remember the frg hut!!!fcuking gophers with all kinds of "material"on their person!! :twisted:
  6. 6 Armd, what a place, never served as a soldier there but did do a year and a half as a YOP or YTS about 1985 ish. Nah didn't learn and still joined up with this micky mouse outfit. Ah well, two years to bang out and hit the life of being socialy acceptable again. Anyone know what happened with Mac McF or Al waddles a lot?
  7. Grolsch JRC 80Pfg a bottle (large flip top) and the legendary if possibly apocrophal "largest Grolsch Bill in BAOR".

    Good times though never drank so much in my life.
  8. were you in optronics by any chance zippy?
  9. I was but not the Tels Zippy I was an ECE with FRG for a while prior to Granby.

  10. i was frg from 89-92,so i must know you.
  11. Certainly contemporaries I arrived April 89 left September 92, FRG June ish 89 to Going on Granby with 7 Armd (MRG7B), about 25 of us all told to various units, Got back and place didn't seem the same for some reason.

    To steal anothers user name of here I was the SpeccyECE.

  12. i remember you now mate,you were mates with kev c****h and nick mc.i was the drunken welshman who had a certain skill for singing!!! :wink:
  13. I was at 5 Armd 88-91. Cant remember now if we used the same cpls mess. ( I was always to drunk)
  14. Most of the 6 armd wksp old boys are still about, had a few Reunions over the years, not one for a while, Mac McF contacted me a while ago still in the land of the living. There all out there somewhere.
  15. Shit, I must have been really drunk. It was 11 that was with us in Soest.....lmao.