6/7 pwrr

I served with 9 (Princess Beatrice's) Plt, C (Duke of Connaught's) Coy, 6/7PWRR in mid-late 90's. Whilst doing my Phase 1 there was a film crew from Meridian with us making a documentary of the process and they interviewed me on at least one occasion - I can remember them sticking a camera in my face about 5am in the pissing rain asking about the merits of ratpack brekkies! Thing is, it was never shown in my part of the Meridian region, only in the Kent/E.Sussex area (Fecking Queen's getting the preferentials again), so I've never seen it.

All my photos of my time in were destroyed by a mad bint of an ex so I was wondering if anyone from 6/7 on here has a copy of that documentary or knows where I could get hold of one?

If no luck on here my next step will be contacting 3PWRR and Meridian themselves.

Cheers ears!

Oh, and this is my first post so don't take the piss too much :)

Edit; It would have been about Oct '95
I had a similar thing when at the light div depot in 84. They filmed us going through our training and I never did get a copy or see it. Love to know if anyone in the world has a copy kicking about in there loft somewhere.

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