6.5 X 47 Lapua

Had a blat yesterday and got to say very impressed indeed, in fact to the point where I may get one of my 7.62's which now has a pretty ropey bore kitted out for that.

Told it is pretty much a straight swap although firing pin may need fettling. Is that correct or am I missing something?
You've been told right - it is a straight rebarrel for a .308 case head rifle. Magazines, extractors etc are all the same. However, it is a high pressure round with a small rifle primer, so primer cratering is a possibility at heavy loads if you have a rattly old Remington or similar. I gather this can be fixed by bushing the firing pin, or by fitting a replacement PTG bolt which has a tighter tolerance firing pin in the first place. Apparently custom actions have no problems.

I was looking at this option myself. Another choice which appears to be becoming popular is .260 Remington. This has a large rifle primer, so no cratering problems. Plus, velocity is up a bit, so it is good for long range shooting. You can get good brass from Norma now, or make your own from Lapua .243.

The 'problem' of course is that these are both really reloading-only options, which is a bit of a hassle for someone busy/and or lazy. This would have been an acceptable trade for me until I recently happened on a batch of German DM111 surplus 7.62 ball. This shoots like a fricking laser beam in my Riflecraft Remington 700, so I have rather put off the idea of rebarreling for a while.

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