$6.4 present to Egypt from our unelected rulers.

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by swampypants, Nov 18, 2012.

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  1. BBC News - EU 'approves $6.4bn Egypt financial aid package'

    I was hoping somebody else would bring this up, but it seems to have slipped through, so I am posting it.

    Perhaps they should have first asked Hosni Mubarak to pay back the $70 Billion he stole from his (like minded) people.

    At least $6.4 should keep a few people at the top comfortable for a week or two. Watch history repeat itself.

    The sooner we get out of this EU madness the better.


    Anyway, got to go, the outrage bus is waiting outside.
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  2. seaweed

    seaweed LE Book Reviewer

    Presumably this will now be used to buy Hamas some more rockets.
  3. They can buy lots with $6.4...
  4. Whats the problem? We have a few quid to spare now that India can fund it's own space programme.
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  5. Hmmm.. is this the modern version of Danegeld, hoping the nasty beardies will stay in the hot & dusty lands rather than come to Europe preaching jihad? Methinks its too little too late, they are already here in their millions :-(
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  6. What I would like to know is how this slipped everyones attention.

    Oh yeah, it's only a few billion.

    Up the (our) revolution.

    Got to go, there's a knock on the door.
  7. My bold, cos its what our lords & masters in the EU, vomit, and most of those in Westminster spit, dont want you to know! Like most of their other fiddles, I mean how on earth do they continue to get away with not being able to audit their own accounts for god knows how many years, appoint unelected leaders to run Greece & Italy, start opening Embassies all over the place, telling countries to use them rather than the sovereign states. It beggars belief that we, under the spineless Cameron are still expected to pour yet more billions into the EU's corrupt, bottomless coffers!
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  8. The EU is a wholly corrupt, unaccountable, shambles run for the benefit of the German economy and the French amour propre.

    Sadly, since the demise of Mrs. Thatcher, we have not had a single leader, capable of standing up the unelected faceless ogres who 'run' the EU.

    Imagine: Major - Blair
    ad infinitum
    - Brown (please forgive me whilst I vomit) - and the current ineffectual ass: Cameron, making even the most junior apparatchik blink, let alone think twice.

    Come to think of it, we have not a single LEADER since Mrs. Thatcher.

    Some say that the grinning spiv was a 'leader', but I deny this presumption. He had an eye only for 'BLAIR;' and he allowed a monocular, psychotic misfit to bankrupt the nation; whilst he, Blair, traipsed around the globe, clinging to the apron-strings of America's worst ever president, pretending to be important.

    Think of this:

    Blair is the Middle East Peace Envoy!!!!

    Good job you are doing there then you warmongering, self satisfied, preening, ninny! A 'war-criminal' if there ever was one! A dishonest war-criminal into the bargain. We take obscure Croatian and Bosnian generals to The Hague; why do we not indict Blair?
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  9. seaweed

    seaweed LE Book Reviewer

    But if Blair hadn't so generously given his time and skills to being ME Peace Envoy, Hamas and Israel might be at each others' throats, and there might be hoo-ha in Syria, too. So he has done a damn fine job, and anyone who argues with that is a nasty Tory cad.
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  10. Think you're angry now ? Just wait. You're going to be apoplectic when BLiar makes it as the European Union's first non-elected President. (Or at least elected by a select few and not the masses ....)

    As to the OP, it makes me so ****ing mad how we've allowed ourselves to be lead down this path I can't ****ing write for swearing !!
  11. Is this why the EU Commission and European Parliament had asked for a budget rise of 6.8% in 2013 ?
  12. Not that getting and keeping post Arab Spring Egypt on the side of the West is any sort of priority....
  13. The Pheonician goddess "Europa" was raped and abducted by the greek god Zeus whilst disguised as a bull, a story which shows remarkable parrallel to the fate of the euro,****ed and then totally****ed up by bullshitting greeks, or so the German propaganda would have us believe.

    The real weak man of Europe is Germany, they consistently failed limbo under the 3% new debt bar, year in, year out and applied hefty political pressure to the shapeless ones in Europe not to penalise them in accordance with the treaty. Other weaker economies watched all this go on and then followed suite.