5thBatt. The Rifles

firstly, i know there is no way i can actually prove this, but i am not sum little ****** just blowing smoke up my own and everybody asses, about wanting to join the Rifles and the british army. i have been saving and training (saving because i am from N.Z and as you may know if costs a metric shit load to fly over and get a visa so on and so forth...) extreemly hard with the sole aim of joining the rifles 5th Batt (warriors Rock the effing house!) or any other Rifles Batt if not 5th. however being in N.Z, it is extreemly hard to find anything out about the seemingly elusive 5th Rifles Batt. so the aim of this post is this, Inviting any serving member of the Army, spesificly the Rifles 5th batt, to tell me as much about the Batt as you know/can be ARRSED (Clever ae...) Writing to convince me further that it is worth traveling half way around the world to join. now i know you may think, "i dont give a flying F**k weather you join or not." and thats fine, if this is your view, just dont post a comment. however any comments posted would be a HUGE help to me and you will have my word that in a year, when i am in the batt. if you a approach me i will shout you a pint!

i know it is an Armoured Infantry Batt, i know the history and all that is displayed on the MOD site, i just want some inside info on things like operational activity (if it dossent defy OPSEC) Day to Day life, training, the camp and the people.

Thankyou all so much, and i apoligise if i have been at any stage Daft/ignorent, have started a new and unnessery thread, and of cource for my grammer and spelling, we are a slow race us Kiwi's.
Just so you know, a Batt is something usually done with a box of tissues and source of porn.

A Battalion is abbreviated as Bn
haha, NOTED! infact, i think Batt. is the abreviation for Battery, thats the gunner in me screaming to get out, but for the sake of humanity, and the welfare of all the ugly birds, im trying to suppress him untill im am in the infantry and he is abolished FOREVER!!!! :lol:

or is it BTY? **** knows, its been a while.
Also, when serving in an armoured infantry battalion, i.e. 5th bn The Rifles, does your training and exercises encompass light role infantry tactics, such as jungle/desert/arctic training, and digging in, tabbing and other things more related to light role, or are you only really training for classic armoured infantry warfare?
Interesting, why so desperate to emigrate and join a specific bn that you know so little about? I can understand wishing to join the British Army but why not any other bn or regt, or corps even?
The Rifles ethos appeals to me, so that’s why I want to find out more. And I don’t really know much about any of the Rgt's except from what is on the internet, so ya gotta start somewhere right. That doesnt mean to say I haven’t explored my options within the other infantry Rgt, or indeed corps for that matter. There is no doubt in my mind about joining the infantry, and I have explored your website, and after careful thought I have drawn the conclusion that the Rifle’s at this stage is a good personal choice. But you never know, the recruiting process could change that, but that’s what my mind is set on. So if you have any info please share.
Quick question for you guys

Am I right in thinking Harry Patchs old Regiment would now be part of 5 rifles????
4 SCOTS, they have nice Warriors to play in too. Currently in Falingbostal so they can get to play at the dust bowl...weeeee, fun :)

Being a New Zealander you would be more than welcome in a Scottish regiment, after all, you are bound to have some distant Scottish relation somewhere ;)

IIRC there are a few Maouris stil serving..you would feel right at home!

And whats more...you wont be a Private, you will be a Highlander!!
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